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Are Nofollow Links Valuable

So Nofollow links get a lot of criticism and slack.

First of all, what is a nofollow link?

A nofollow link is a link that tells search engines to not increase a page’s ranking because of that backlink. This was initially created to stop people from ranking by spamming their links everywhere.

A dofollow link which is the opposite of a nofollow link will allow the search engines to influence the rankings of a page.

Since nofollow links will not affect your rankings, does that mean you shouldn’t build them?

Absolutely not. You should have a healthy mix of nofollow links in your backlink profile.

You see, you want your website to be a brand. Something that people type into search engines. And what do brands do? Brands create a social media presence.

And when you link back to your site on a social media platform like Twitter, the link pointing to your site is a nofollow link. You see, nofollow links can help you rank in the sense that they’re creating trust.

Bring in real traffic

It’s not always the best thing to do if you’re thinking about not building a link because it’s a nofollow.

You see, blog comments are typically nofollow. However, I’ve still driven traffic to many of my sites through these nofollow backlinks.

Have you been given the chance to post on an authoritative niche site? Do it! Regardless if the link is a dofollow or nofollow because people can still click through your link and land on your website.

A link on an authority website can build trust in the eyes of search engines, regardless if it’s a dofollow or nofollow backlink and bring in traffic.


Nofollow links are still very important in 2019. They build trust and show Google that your link profile is actually natural.

Why are you building links in the first place? To get traffic through ranking on Google. Well you can also get traffic through many different methods and a lot of them include leaving a nofollow link. These methods include guest posting, commenting on forums, and blog commenting.


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