How to Increase Page Speed in a WordPress Website?

Increase Page speed in Wordpress

The page speed of a website had got bigger only after Google officially confirms it as a ranking signal from an SEO perspective. It all starts from a website designing, since minified JS, CSS along with less complexity will reduce the loading time. Among website designing, more than half of the websites fall under WordPress Content management system. By taking all this into consideration, let’s discuss on how to increase page speed in a WordPress website.

Before getting into the topic make sure you use PageSpeed Insights tool to check where your website actually stands before optimization.

google page speed insights

  • Images:

    • The biggest issue behind the loading of a website. It always important consider the size of an image before uploading it to your website, as it can spoil the webpage completely and ends up with the bad user experience.
    • You can do this in two ways, one, before uploading it to website reduce the resolution or size of the image using Photoshop-> file -> save for web option. Second, use plugins like to reduce the size and helps in the page speed of a website.
  • Cache Setup:

    • The second most important that can assist you in loading time of a website. The best possible solution for cache setup is installing a cache plugin in your website.
      • Most of them highly recommend W3 Total Cache because of its wide option to configure in the free edition.
    • Browser Cache:

      • Start with browser cache, as it will help in HTTP compression and add headers to decrease file load time and reduce server load as well.

        minify html css javascript for page speed

    • Page Cache and Minification:

      • Improve server response time with page cache and minification. Minification is a bigger issue when you consider page speed and SEO. Page cache enables to load a page from its static copy instead of visiting server each time.
      • In minification, it implies on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The most important thing in the minification process is, it may affect some pages to load properly which depends on such code. So, once minification is configured make sure every page in your website loads properly.

In addition to this, here I provide you with some value-added point. As most of the website has SSL configured but missed it to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS that leaves a bad sign. For that, Install Really Simple SSL plugin and configure the plugin in a single click. It will really help your website to load the actual page for the request.

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