What are the biggest AdSense Publishers Concern?

AdSense Publishers Concern

Money making has become wider through different fields in a different way, where the online mediums play the major part. It leads people to search for platforms to make money online. One such thing is blogging and earning through AdSense. It follows some strict guidelines to activate AdSense account for any website and make money out of it. Today, let’s break down what are the difficulties publishers will face while trying to activate AdSense account and earn money.

  • AdBlockers and AdSense Revenue
  • AMP and Monetization
  • AdWords And AdSense
  • Google Play And AdSense

Google Adsense publisher

  • AdBlockers and AdSense Revenue:

    • The most peculiar thing in Adsense revenue is, the ads are blacklisted by blockers that affect end stats. Ad blockers will deprive sites of needed income.
  • AMP and Monetization:

    • The publishers have the fear of transition to AMP, as that may decline the AdSense revenue.
    • The proper and step by step implementation of AMP cannot cause any trouble to the revenue through AdSense.
    • If this happens, then publishers will not face any fear of downfall and making the things worse.
  • AdWords And AdSense:

    • There is always a correlation between Google AdWords and AdSense.
    • If anything happens on the side of AdWords, that had lead to side-effects on AdSense, since there leads an impact.
    • The most concern things in this part is the publisher, doesn’t know there happens some act in Google AdWords side.Google AdWords
  • Google Play And AdSense:

    • Everyone could see websites being converted into App and that app being promoted to Google Play Store.
    • A publisher faces a gap between Google Play store and Google AdSense.
    • Here, people started to use the third party application to display other publisher’s content and gaining revenue from the content with AdMob.
    • After understanding the seriousness of the issue Google AdSense team had taken this into consideration to stop such activities.



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