4 Common Ways to Build Your Website User-Friendly

Build User Friendly Website

The best way to gain attention for a business is to build a website that makes a standard and speaks for the brand. There must be a strategic way of understanding the audience who visits your website. It can be a marketing strategy or a business strategy that anyhow showcase your brand to the people. In such case, a user-friendly and interactive website will spread the marketing through words. Here, i have listed the 4 important point to notice in building a user-friendly website.

  • User Accessibility:

    • A Site has to load as fast as possible to share the information with the visitors. Make sure your site loads in less than 4 seconds as Google expects
    • Provide a proper font size and space for reading it easily. The most thing is don’t mess up your website with ads along with content.
    • Set a proper alt text for all the images, so users can understand it easily. Similarly, build a custom 404 page, where the user can easily access the available pages in the website when they land on a wrong page.
  • Basic Identity:

    • Create a brand logo that is visible to the audience and match along with the website design.
    • The logo along with the tagline to show the purpose of having a website for a business.
    • Proper NAP Insertion at the right place, to easily gather basic information. A website with a toll-free number, emergency contact number at the right place makes more sense.

brand identity

  • Navigation:

    • Provide a proper label for the navigation menu or the links in between the content.
    • Call to action from one page to another page must have a reason to navigate.
    • Similarly, too much of links from a particular page will create a mess, so be consistent and decide whether on-click to open on the same page or new tab.
  • Quality Content:

    • Though I have listed this last, content to a website is a first and foremost thing to concentrate.
    • A content must have a proper heading, styles, colours, emphasis like blog etc., at the right place.
    • Make most out of the above the fold with the unique selling point of the whole content.


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