Page Speed a Ranking Factor – But WHY?

Page Speed a Ranking Factor

In a recent social release through Google webmaster team, they have strictly shown the indication that page speed of a website as a ranking factor, where the websites which take long time to load will face the consequences in Google Search Results Ranking. So, SEO experts and website designer across the world has started to concentrate and do some research to solve high loading time of a website.

It is clear that, in addition to meta title, meta description, content, etc., Google will highly consider page speed of a website on both Desktop and Mobile versions.

In recent Google’s blog, they clearly stated how well a page speed of the website can change the course of a website positively. Here, you can read as they stated,

Page Speed a Ranking Factor in SEO

If you’re using a WordPress website, then your life can become easier in implementing page speed optimization for a website. Below, we had the given some few important and crucial tips for decreasing the page speed.

  • Cache Implementation:

The cache system is one of the best ways to reduce the loading time of a website. When your web page cache is stored, the content can be delivered fast to the visitors. When a visitor comes into the website, the page will be delivered from the cache instead of taking it from the server as it takes a long time. If you’re a WordPress website user, then you can install plugins like W3 Total Cache to set up caching system in your website.

  • Reduce the Size of Images:

Most of the website’s speed is spoiled only by the bigger size of the images on the landing page. It is the core part of page speed optimization, once it’s perfectly done, more than half of the problems will be solved. Here, you can use plugin, as it is the best in the market for compressing the size of images on the website.

  • CSS Sprites:

CSS sprites is one of the cool technology, where it combines multiple images into a single image and gives the best performance for the website. The CSS sprites will reduce the overhead to fetch the several images. You can implement as many as CSS Tricks to avoid the overload of a website.

CSS tricks to reduce page speed

  • Server:

Nothing can give a better solution than choosing a best and reliable web server for your website. When you have a dedicated web hosting server for your website, you no need to worry about any other kinds of stuff in page speed. After hosting your website on the best server, just install the cache plugin as before to resolve the loading issue. In our recommendation, you can host your website in SeekaHost, as they provide reliable, trustworthy service and support in the web hosting market.

In addition to this, highly concentrate on Mobile speed of a website, as the concern on Mobile SEO by Google has been increasing day by day with comparatively more traffic than the desktop version of a website.

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