How Does CDN For SEO Will Impact?


CDN – Content Delivery Network is a set of connected servers in a network that works together from a different location to read/write the files faster by gathering it from a location next to the user who visits the website. The purpose of CDN Implementation is to cache the static files of the website, which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files. When a user loads the website far from where its hosted, these cache files respond faster like how you’re accessing next to it. Let’s start with the benefits of CDN.

  • Website Speed
  • Latency
  • Availability
  • Secured.

Website CDN SEO

  • Website Speed:

    • The thumb rule of implementing CDN is to speed up your website and deliver the content as quick as possible. The everything we do around the content delivery network is to keep our website responsive, regardless of, from where they are accessing the website.
  • Latency:

    • Latency in general means the delay in transferring the data between the source and destination. If a website is hosted in the US, people around the place can easily access the website, but what happens when someone accesses from Australia? – the latency increases. In such case, CDN can come handy and deliver the content from the cache file from the local server to the visitor to avoid latency getting worse. Meanwhile, bandwidth cost will be reduced to show a positive impact on web hosting.
  • Availability:

    • The availability of the website will be improved as the content can be accessed anytime. Many CDN providers ultimate aim is to deliver content in lightning speed, in that way, when too much of traffic appears in a website, load balancing will come into the picture to ensure no flaw in the data flow.
  • Secured:

    • If it’s not wrong the CDN providers second most concern will be the security of a website content. It will assist a website for being secure and avoid the external malicious attacks. If you’re a WordPress website user, you can easily tweak the settings to keep hackers and most of the threats away.


How will SEO impact when you implement CDN?

Even after reading all the benefits, do you think CDN will drop the SEO rankings of a website? It actually boosts up the website performance to engage a large number of users at the same time without any flaw. The engagement and quick delivery of content will reduce the bounce rate of a website and helps with SEO. Be wise in choosing the CDN providers and set up properly with the given guidelines.


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