How Page Speed Influences SEO?

Page Speed Influences SEO

Page speed of a website is the one among the most spoken topic in and around SEO, as it includes some work to be performed from the designing side. Google and Experts who quickly understand it’s importance are setting up great value for page speed and stressing everyone to be perfect with regards to speed.

The importance is only to provide the good user experience. Whatever you do in SEO must be to enhance the user experience, as Google never compromise anything for their search users. Let’s look into the small keynotes on page speed and SEO of a website.

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Points to consider in Page Speed:

The strategy behind page speed is to provide the better user experience at first impression. While designing a website, you must make sure that the website loads properly and designed with the convenience to the user understanding.

Here, let me list why you should consider page speed factor for your website.

  • First thing is first, website speed is a ranking signal in SEO.
  • When your website loads fast, then not only users will get benefitted, but also the crawlers, where it can be easy for them.
  • The purpose of having a website and doing SEO is to make a conversion for the business. So, letting people to easily access you with a high-speed website will help in good conversion rate.
  • When this all happens around the website perfectly, then bounce rate of your website will be reduced.

Page speedThese each point has its in-depth explanation to say, page speed is one of the bigger ranking signal to consider as quick as possible. For instance, if your website has a good user experience, navigation that leads to better crawling speed when compared to your competitor, then your website will be preferred more than other.

It is as simple as that to understand, as already said, Google puts their user experience to first priority, so they literally want to rank a website that gives a better experience to the search users.

Every input you are providing your performing with regards to speed is always going to be the betterment for your website and its ranking in Google Search Engine Results Page(SERP).



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