You Like SEO… But Are You Sure You’re Doing It Right?

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As the SEO industry is such fast pace and constantly changing I wanted to make sure all of you SEO folks are doing things right at this time so let’s begin…


  • Videos Win…

Yep that pretty much sums it up. If you know a bit about SEO you will know that videos are a brilliant way to keep your audience entertained and engaged. However not everyone knows yet that videos in your content can actually give a massive boost in the SERP. So try and take advantage of this opportunity and provide video production in the content if you want to rank higher.

  • Keep an Eye on Social Media Platforms

Social Media has become a real important factor of SEO in the coming years, and chances are it will only become more important in the coming years for SERPS. So make sure your providing valuable social media content to give those pages a great boost of visibility in the search engines.

  • Mobile optimization

Seriously, like look anywhere now these days and someone nearby will always have their phone out. As the total number of searches is increasing on mobile year after year it is crucial you provide the top notch SEO mobile strategies out there. If not, then be prepared to fail. It will only become more important.

  • The Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO will only become more important in years to come. Letting Google know of the location and what you are offering will definitely only help the rank and visibility especially in front of an audience that is nearby. So make sure your local SEO is set up in the most optimal way for the search engines to find you. It will definitely help get more leads.

  • Don’t Miss a Trick

Each year with SEO something is always bound to change. So these are just a few of many tips which you will need to implement for now and to help in the future.

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