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How can an Audio to Text Converter Improve Your Content Marketing?

Content marketing yields 3 times higher quality leads than any traditional marketing channel.

No wonder you are trying to boost the power of your upcoming content marketing campaign. But the most critical success of your content strategy is the content itself.

As they say, content is king.

Without high-quality content, your brand will lose the attention of your target audience. This means the secret formula to a high-performance content marketing campaign is simple. Create high-quality content that your audience loves, consistently. Right? Or is it?

What if there was a way of optimizing your content marketing efforts while you scale your content production? Could you make more out of each piece of content you produce?

This post will reveal how integrating transcription into your existing content production can help you improve your content marketing strategy.

How Integrating An Audio to Text Converter Improves Your Content Marketing?

Most of the content marketers today try to stick to strategies that work for all. The mainstream. Probably, because of the tight budget and the pressure of performing every time. But what brings results dampens creativity.

What follows?

Companies must stay happy with the present results. There is no scope for growth.

Integrating an audio-to-text converter ensures you can break this cycle. It’s the futuristic content strategy that can create robust sales pipelines. But how exactly does it bring growth?

Following are the key areas where you can see a boost in your overall content marketing efforts.

1. Improve Video Engagement

Understanding your audience’s behaviour is critical for the success of content marketing. Be it video, podcast, or blogs; your content needs to be optimized for easy consumption and value. This makes transcriptions an integral part of your video marketing strategy. Many of your audience consume your content in a no-sound environment.

Although you miss utilizing one of the engagement elements, your transcriptions help make the content user-friendly. It allows you to give your users what they want and how they want. Also, if your audience has a hearing impairment, this allows them to still engage with your brand.

A smart way to do this is to embed the .txt files under your video content.

2. Boost Social Media Content

Using an audio-to-text transcription reinforces an integrated communication system for your brand. You can pull out the facts and quotes and create engaging social media posts incorporating graphics.

The best part?

Whether your target audience connects with you via social media or videos, you can bring consistency in your communication. Also, finding content that can drive social media engagement becomes less daunting for you. But this content production strategy must be integrated with your existing social media strategy. You still can’t miss using relevant hashtag keywords and consistent posting out of your social media strategy.

3. Improve Accessibility

Improve Accessibility

Irrespective of how good your content is, it is as good as not being created if it’s not searchable. Integrating a transcription ensures your next podcast is searchable, findable, and most accessible to the maximum audience looking for it. Relying upon only hashtags limits your content outreach.

Be it YouTube or Google, transcription of your audio content ensures you get indexed easily on these search engines.

4. Improve Traffic and SEO

Using transcription for improving SEO and high-quality traffic is one of the advanced techniques that content marketers use regularly. Having transcribed your audio posts lets you repurpose the content like blog posts for search engine audiences without having to create content from scratch.

Optimizing this existing content for the SEO improves traffic and optimizes the return on investment (ROI) of each content you create.

But a word of caution here.

As the format of the content changes, so does its style. This makes information architecture and tone optimization a pivotal part of making this transcribed content successful in SEO.

5. High-quality Content

Integrating a transcription service can improve your content quality by so much more. Creating high-quality content at its core in providing value to your users. This means only engagement cannot make your content stand out. You need to provide insightful, actionable information to your audience contextually.

Research becomes critical here. But how? You can get insightful content from various resources. From your existing customer base testimonials to industry-expert interviews and in multiple formats. Taking a journalistic approach to creating content makes the highest impact.

But documenting all the raw information is critical to creating a high-performance piece of content. Transcriptions ensure you have a complete mood board under one roof to guide your content production.

6. Create Higher Engagement

Having flat, same old, same old content formats can dampen your audience engagement. This makes investing time in creating different styles and versions of content that your audience loves critical.

But the challenge is you need to achieve all these by keeping up with your budget.

Raw transcriptions can be a fresh content format that you can experiment with. Here’s what you can do. Create content pieces that feature uncut versions of your content. Include your audience in the content creation process. A behind-the-scenes scenario text optimized for social media can prove to be viral. You can even start a poll with it, just experiment with your marketing.

7. Scale content production

Scaling is one of the biggest challenges of any content marketer out there. The worst part? Finding the suitable themes and topics to talk about that your audience loves to engage with.

Transcription services are the perfect solution for this problem. Here’s how?

Virtual events are a critical part of post-pandemic life. From zoom events to web conferences, every interaction with our industry peers is online. This makes the content of successful virtual events one of the best ways to capture valuable topics on which your target audience would like to talk. Researching these topics and integrating the event’s insights can create stellar content pieces designed to reach the maximum audience.

The best part is you can quote the influencers and industry thought leaders from whom you draw these insights in your content. This makes an excellent opportunity for creating high-quality backlinks while establishing trust among your target audience. Case studies are a powerful content format to achieve this.

So now, when you know how integrating transcriptions into your audio content can strengthen your overall content marketing, let’s look at the top tools that help you leverage this strategy.

What are the Top Transcription Tools?

Improve Accessibility

  1. Happyscribe: When it comes to audio to text transcription, this tool is unbeatable. Using the power of AI and language experts, this tool can solve all your subtitle and transcription needs. What’s more, the tool boasts a dirt-simple UI, making collaboration simple and fast. Supporting 45+ formats and 120+ languages, it is a powerful tool that you can always rely upon.
  2. Rev: Based in California, San Francisco Rev is an affordable, easy-to-use speech-to-text converter tool. It boasts of going beyond basic transcription. While you have machine-generated transcription services, this tool gives you access to professional transcribers, language experts to extract text and subtitles from your audio content. The tool’s delivery and customer service too are worth considering.
  3. TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe is laser-focused to bring a seamless experience to all industries. It is more than just a transcription service. Its services catering to end-to-end transcription need to focus on finer points like data annotation, translation, and automatic speech recognition, enabling faster, high-quality content production.

Still unsure if this is the right time to integrate transcriptions in your content marketing? Here are a few examples of agencies leveraging transcription to reach the next level of their content marketing campaigns for themselves and their clients.

How are Companies leveraging Transcription for their Content Strategy?

  1. The Media Captain uses transcription for their interviews with industry experts in their quest to create superior quality content every time. Having 30 minutes plus recordings transcribed makes their content creation process both lean and insightful.
  2. Illuminous Marketing uses transcription as an integral part of its content marketing strategy. CEO Gwen Beren uses the transcripts into blogs with proper on-page SEO optimization techniques targeting keywords and anchoring the text to the relevant video.
  3. Jacob LE Video Production leverages transcriptions for all video production efforts to leverage cross-promotional efforts. The result? Maximum outreach to relevant audiences. By integrating subtitles, the agency creates improved accessibility and engagement with subtitles in their video content.

Closing thoughts

Using a transcription service is one of the most advanced techniques to strengthen your existing content marketing strategy. This raw content can be the basis of your overall content creation process.

While you research different channels to find valuable content topics and insights, be it industry expert interviews, conferences, one-on-one customer engagement, video, or audio testimonials, each of these insight resources is critical.

Transcribing each of these interviews helps you create an outline for actionable advice that your audience finds helpful almost immediately. This makes transcription one of the most futuristic content marketing strategies that your company can use.

So, when you know what it can do for you, why wait to lose the opportunity?

Start integrating speech-to-text to keep your audience inside the loyalty loop.

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