7 Digital Marketing Trends to Drive Growth in 2022

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With more than 90 million users, TikTok outperformed all other social media platforms in 2021.

In fact, according to research, it surpassed Google to become the most popular website. And as part of its ambitious strategies to adopt a 3D virtual world – the Metaverse, Facebook changed its name to Meta.

Moreover, Google intends to eliminate third-party cookies by next year, putting digital promoters and marketers in a scramble to get new channels of reaching their target consumers.

Clearly, the digital world has been experiencing a lot of change, and many more are expected.

And to ensure you are not caught off-guard, this blog post will shed some light on the 7 digital marketing trends to drive growth in 2022.

1. Conversational MarketingNext-Big-Digital-Marketing-Trends

A conversational marketing technique is dialogue-fuelled, consumer-centric marketing. It fuels consumer engagement and helps enhance their experience.

Conversation marketing exemplifies two methods:

  • Rejoinder
  • Storytelling

Digital marketers and brands should focus on two things to attract positive attention in 2022 and beyond. Communicate their brand’s worth and objective to their customers by telling genuine, more meaningful stories. Reply to clients as swiftly as they can via tools such as Chatbots.

2. PersonalizationDigital-marketing-trends-&-predictions

Before deploying any digital marketing technique, take your time and study your potential clients. Or else, using these trends will not essentially assist you in charming your clients.

Consumers state that being attended to like a person is crucial to landing their business. Virtually 74 percent get irked when website content fails to match their desires. And about 50 percent will change companies when the business is not ready and willing to personalize.

First, establish who your clients depend on demographics. Consider their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Language

You can divide your target audience into different groups to better solve their challenges and desires. Customizing your message will assist you in creating a sentimental bond with the clients. They will understand that you recognize what their challenges are.

You will have a great time enticing customers if you customize your digital marketing tactic. Marketers get eight times the return on investment (ROI) on investing in marketing and a 10 percent rise in revenues after customizing their services. As you adhere to the rest of these trends, always bear personalization in mind.

3. SEO TrendsMarketing-Trends-You-Can't-Ignore

The algorithm of Google’s search engine changes many times within a year. Hence, it would help if you kept up with the current search engine optimization (SEO) and algorithm changes trends. Or else your ranking on the search engine can dip.

By ranking high on the search engine, you will create brand awareness. In addition, SEO allows you to produce more site traffic, leads, and sales. Because SEO is an affordable advertising strategy, it can enhance your company’s return on investment. Also, a better search engine positioning makes you stand out from your business adversaries, enhancing your credibility.

4. AutomationTech-Trends

As you come up with an advertising plan for 2022, search for methods to better use your time. You can automate redundant errands to promote efficiency.

For instance, you can employ computerization as part of your electronic mail marketing plan. You can direct emails to disseminate to customers depending on certain behaviours.

Think about setting emails to disseminate when an individual forsakes their cart on your webpage. You can customize the emails to indicate what the customers left behind. Hence, giving you a more specific time leading people back to your page. And with luck, you can convert the deserted cart into a successful transaction!

5. Video Contenttrends-that-could-transform-marketing

Video content is also becoming popular. As we speak, videos account for roughly 80 percent of all site traffic. Hence, you can deploy video content as part of your social media marketing.

Start by gathering keywords to establish what your target demographic is looking for online. Then, utilize the content of the video to respond to their queries. Once you create the video, disseminate it to the masses using your business website.

6. SMS APIdigital-marketing-trends

Another digital trend that will drive growth in 2022 is integrating your new ways of selling services and products with API to send SMS messages. Hence, the question begs, what is SMS API? SMS API refers to a computer program integration interface that allows code to broadcast short messages via an SMS API rostrum.

Apart from letting you create a personalized SMS channel, SMS API pricing is also exceptional. For example, CDYNE offers impressive payment rates for SMS API services. Pegged to your liking, you can acquire an SMS API for either Java, PHP, or HTTP.

7. E-Commerce Drives Novel Features on InstagramNext-Big-Digital-Marketing-Trends

Instagram has launched multiple new e-commerce properties, and the platform is constantly attracting a huge audience, which is an excellent win for marketing gurus.

Statisticians claim that the app’s audience will keep growing faster than the pre-pandemic progression rates. Hence, when you marry this with the new e-commerce features, you will get excellent results as a digital marketer.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. These are the seven best marketing trends in 2022 and beyond. Many social media owners have been building features into their platforms, but potential customers expect more legitimacy and personalization. Businesses that can attain the perfect balance between conversational marketing and SEO will soon gain a lot and should invest in having their content published in established digital publications

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