Blogging vs Vlogging: which one is right for you

Blogging and Vlogging are both mediums of communication. There are many individuals and brands who have established themselves in one medium or another. Nevertheless, the strong debates about the efficiency of each method continue till now. In this post, I will look into the difference between blogging and vlogging according to different criteria.

Resources to start


It’s quite easy to set up a blog and it requires minimum to none resources. To start with, you need to register a name (domain), choose a hosting and a website theme. You can host your blog on Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or a similar platform for free or take a paid private hosting. Website themes can be also free if you go for standard options offered by blogging platforms or cost 50-200 USD for premium options.

To start a vlog, you need to register in one of the video streaming platforms. Most vloggers prefer YouTube.

Equipment & Software

For general blogging you don’t require a software. If you are a creative blogger (photo, design, etc), you will require specific software.

For vlogging you need to invest some amount of money in buying equipment for filming high-quality videos. In addition to it, you will require a professional editing software.


As a blogger you need to have a writing skill as a base. In addition to it, you need to have an idea about social media, SEO, basic coding (HTML&CSS), one of the CMS (content management systems) and some analytical tools to track your progress. If you start a blog in one of the visual fields (photography, design, travel, etc), you will have to learn also basic photography skills, some editing software and other skills depending on the field of your choice.

As a vlogger you need to know storytelling to create an engaging content. In addition to it, you have to learn at least one editing software and social media to promote your content.

Sources of Income

The most common income from vlogging comes from the AdSence. If you manage to grow your audience, you might also get sponsored offers to run on your vlog from other companies and brands.

Blogging offers more additional income sources from the info links, direct advertisement and affiliate marketing to name few in addition to AdSence and sponsored offers options.


The major part of traffic to the videos come from social media. If you have a qualitative and engaging content worth sharing, it can become viral and drive a huge traffic to your vlog.

Though blogging offers some more traffic sources on which you can capitalize: organic google traffic, social media, referrals, email marketing, they take much more time to bring results.


Though videos are the most engaging type of communication with a much higher ROI, they have a quite low commitment level. If you don’t manage to catch the user’s attention within first few seconds, she will not bother watching it. From the other side, engaging content is a time savior from long blog posts.

Though there are clear benefits and disadvantages of both mentioned above, it is important to capitalize on the mixture of both. You can create video content to bring more engagement. At the same time, you can integrate videos in the blog posts not to miss additional traffic sources that blog offers.

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