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Tips and Tricks for Making Your Workday More Efficient

How to make your workday better

We all have little things that hold us back from having a truly efficient and perfect day at work. No matter how hard you try to work, there is always something that seems to get in our way when we are just trying to do our job. Here are some of the things you can do to make your workday that little bit more efficient.

Address Your Workspace

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Why do you feel unproductive and inefficient? Could it be due to something like your workspace? More often than not, a messy workspace could be one of the key reasons why you feel the way you do. We like to have clean areas around us, even if we claim to not mind clutter.

There is a distinct difference between clutter and mess, and it might be one that you need to address to get your productivity back on track. It might be time to invest in some things you can use to make your workspace a little neater like an in-tray, or you may even think about some systems like going paperless. No matter how your workspace is set up, there is always going to be a way to make it look better.

Review Your Tools

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When it comes to running our business, there is a whole host of third-party tools that can make things that little bit much easier to deal with. You will undoubtedly have come across certain tools that you struggle to use. Since you are struggling to use them, this can lead to you not being able to do your job as efficiently as you would maybe like.

Why should you struggle with such tools when there may be something out there that is far easier to use? For example, Mailchimp is a great tool for sending out mass emails. However, there are also many people who really struggle to send out emails through this system. Looking for Mailchimp alternatives might be the best move here, as it will allow you to track down something that could actually work for you.

Take Regular Breaks

how to make your work day better

With a busy day lined up ahead of you and a schedule that is fast piling up with things to do, you may feel like you are becoming a little overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do. However, there is a very easy way to overcome this – take regular breaks.

It may feel counter-productive to take breaks when you feel like you should instead push through. However, it is for very good reason. Our brains can only really focus on something for approximately twenty minutes at a time. If you feel like your mind is wandering a lot when you should instead be focusing on your job, try grabbing a quick break. Just getting up from your desk and grabbing a drink of water could be all you need to reset your brain and get your ready to get back to walk.

Leave Social Media Behind

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Put your phone down. If you are someone who always has their phone in their hand, you are going to find yourself reaching for it every time you try to get your head down to focus. It might be worth it to download some apps that could lock your social media. This will actively stop you from going on your phone and could help out massively as you try to instead focus on the tasks at hand.

If you have personal messages on that phone, put them to one side so you can instead focus on your business. This is always going to be a better path for you compared to if you were on your phone answering trivial messages from friends. Many apps like Facebook Messenger have a mute function that can be set up for your working day. This would allow you to silence non-essential conversations without actually muting your phone; thereby avoiding the issue of you potentially missing an important call.

Switch Up Your Working Habits

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How do you work at the moment? There may be certain patterns and comfortable routines that you have got yourself into without realizing how detrimental they can be to your overall productivity. For example, many of us start our working day by checking our emails. However, the risk here is that your brain may not be switched on properly yet, so you spend far too much time focusing on what needs to be done and stretching out the length of time spent on those emails.

Try to shake up your routine in some way. For example, you may want to get some other task out the way before tackling those emails. This would allow you to wake up a little, and potentially focus better on your task at hand.

Make a To-Do List

tips and tricks to make workday efficient

Many people respond well to having a set list of things to do each day, even if you think that you might not. This is due to a phenomenon called gamification. By applying a checklist to something mundane like a day at work, we are effectively turning it into a game.

Completing tasks then gives us the same satisfaction as if we were playing a real game. There can be a massive upswing in satisfaction if you decide to do this. Many management software allows you to set your own lists up and rearrange them as you need. Try creating a list of sorts for your working day and you may be surprised at both the speed you complete tasks and the sense of accomplishment you get from doing so.

These are just some of the tips and tricks you could use to make your workday more efficient, but they are all ones you need to try. You always need to make sure that you are being as productive as you can possibly be at work, and you are the only one who can make that happen. Try some new techniques and find ones that work for you now.

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