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12 Web Development Trends for 2021 that you should know

Here is the most important 12 Web Development Trends for 2020

“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.” That’s what happens when you don’t follow the latest trends ongoing in the web development world.

To save your time, we have compiled a list of the top 12 web development trends that you should be aware of in 2020. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

  1. AI Chatbots

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With the introduction of AI and ML, the demand for chatbots has increased exponentially. Building and integrating a chatbot on your website is one of the easiest ways to optimize your website.

Chatbots are the key factors enhancing the user experience on your website. Large scale, as well as small scale businesses, are integrating chatbots to improve the accessibility of their products and services.

  1. Progressive web application (PWA)

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In 2019, 65% of online shopping orders were made using websites on mobile devices. PWA has allowed users to view their favorite websites on their mobiles without having to download any applications.

PWAs can be designed using HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. Apart from that, PWAs also allow push notifications, and users can also have offline access to the cached content.

  1. Single page application (SPA)

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Single-page applications are those web applications that interact with the web browser by dynamically redrafting the active webpage’s data with new data from the webserver.

Along with being light in weight, single-page applications are also more efficient. Owing to these features, SPAs’ have increased both in demand and popularity for building responsive websites and apps.

  1. Motion UI

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Every designer aspires to create the product as engaging and attractive as possible. Motion UI is a trending web development tool in 2020 to capture the users’ attention.

Motion UI library allows you to animate the design elements gracefully. The developers can play with these elements as they want. To add to that, it is flexible enough to work with any JavaScript framework.

  1. Blockchain technology

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Broadly speaking, blockchain allows a two-way mechanism. That means each task or operation is verified by a decentralized distribution network to ensure authenticity. It also ensures that you know what data is verified.

Blockchain has gained immense popularity in the world in a very period. It is also amongst the fast-growing web development trends due to the following advantages:

  • It decreases the overall business costs
  • Reduces the amount of transaction contract
  • Enhances the cash flow due to transparent records/data

When a web app development company incorporates blockchain, it will get the following benefits:

  • Smarter prediction systems
  • Enhanced web page interactivity
  • Data security
  • And, of course, safer transactions
  1. WebAssembly

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Performance should be the topmost priority of developers while building web applications. JavaScript’s limitations make calculation slower and affect the -end-user performance and experience. This is the reason why popular games and apps are only available as native desktop applications.

WebAssembly has completely turned the tables. It strikes for native-like performance among the web applications. With the help of WebAssembly, any code in any programming language can be compiled into bytecode and run in the browser.

Some of the major web and desktop browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera Mobile, etc. use WebAssembly to enhance their UX exponentially.

  1. Voice search optimization 

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Voice search uses speech recognition technology to understand the words spoken by the user.

Some successful examples of voice search technology include Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc. It has helped enhance the user experience to a great extent.

According to Gartner, 30% of all the online searches in 2020 are expected to be performed using voice search optimization.

Keeping in mind the real-world implications, companies should not overlook voice search optimization. It should be a part of their SEO and technology strategy at the earliest.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

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According to Statista, the number of IoT-connected devices worldwide has reached 26 billion by 2019. It is expected to make a huge leap to 75 billion IoT-connected devices by 2025.

Through these highly advanced technologies, users can easily interact efficiently over the net and control objects distantly. IoT is being implemented across all industries ranging from pharmaceutical to manufacturing to business services to media.

The top two applications of IoT that will revolutionize the industry are self-driving cars and smart cities.

Due to the benefits associated with IoT, it is expected to reshape the way we live.

  1. Automation Testing 

Web Development Trends

All the latest web development technologies aim at providing cheaper and better user experience. Development stages automation and test automation has the following advantages:

  • Best testing coverage
  • Transparency
  • And, tech problem detection

It has also helped in reducing the development costs (up to 20%) and test cycle time. The digital environment is getting more competitive with each passing day. You will win only if you are faster than your competitors and your product has better quality than them.

  1. Push notifications

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Now the users interact with brands across more touchpoints than before. The websites and mobile applications that provide push notifications reach more audiences while reaping the benefits of online marketing.

Push notifications are an extremely powerful solution as they can convert a user into a paying customer based on how timely, relevant, and precise the notifications are!

Here are the top reasons why push notifications are trending in 2020:

  • They target a specific user base based on demographics and purchase history
  • Avoid spam filters to get your message across
  • Stay in the mind of your customers
  • Marketing tactic without having to incur an extra cost

PS: Companies should not overuse them otherwise the users will get irritated and block the notifications!

  1. GDPR and cybersecurity 

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With the growing number of internet users, online frauds are also increasing. Cyber-thieves are becoming smarter and wittier day by day. Every time a user carries an online payment or shares personal data, there is always a vulnerability of the data to be stolen.

The cybersecurity market is expected to generate over $300 billion by the year 2024. Companies are switching their focus on algorithms to protect users from cyber-attacks.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe is amongst the latest trends in the web development industry. GRPR puts fine on the product owner if he collects user data in an unsecured manner, or steals or uses the data without user consent.

  1. Microservices architecture

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Although microservices have been around for a while now, they are gaining popularity within continuously deployed systems. Various tech giants including Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and PayPal have successfully integrated the microservices architecture.

This architecture allows a system to be divided into a number of smaller and independent services. Moreover, each service is flexible, robust, composable, and comprehensive. Some benefits associated with microservices are as follows:

  •       Easier to develop and maintain apps
  •       Improved productivity and speed
  •       Developers can work autonomously

Over to you…

If you are planning to upgrade your website to be faster, better, and more relevant, you need to pay attention to the ongoing trends.

To recap, here the top web development trends to keep an eye on:

  • AI Chatbots
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Motion UI
  • Blockchain Technology
  • WebAssembly
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automation Testing
  • Push Notifications
  • GDPR and Cybersecurity
  • Microservices architecture

Building a website does not take much time, but it does take to build a great website. Invest some extra time to integrate these futuristic tools to stay ahead of others.

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