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Fortes Medical Hair Centre joins ClickDo for an all-around digital marketing consultation

Several months back the owners of Fortes Medical, based in London, contacted Fernando for a digital marketing consultation for their business’ internet presence.  This has lead to ClickDo offering them the full package for digital marketing including the management of their website and all aspects of marketing and web services, led by Logesh, the senior SEO consultant.

Step by step to success

First Fernando analysed their business needs together with them and suggested to build an SEO friendly website https://www.fortesmedical.co.uk/ which was designed by his ClickDo Media team. Kasun, the leading web designer, created the new website and Nuwan, a web developer, added customised features for their new online presence in WordPress. The owners of Fortes Medical were very pleased with their new website and agreed to add more services provided by ClickDo in order to improve their business’ branding.

For their practice to rank better on Google the next step for the ClickDo team was to start with the SEO and digital marketing for https://www.fortesmedical.co.uk/ including the content marketing handled by Edna to build the brand. Edna is responsible for the blogging on https://www.fortesmedical.co.uk/blog/ once the owner, Dr Saaed, approves of them.

ClickDo are planning to build the most amazing hair transplant surgery brand in London. Therefore, they’re constantly working on eventually ranking them for the below keywords:

  1. hair transplant london
  2. hair transplant surgery london
  3. hair transplant treatments london

and many more keywords that will help their website to get leads from Google.

How to make Fortes Medical a known brand

Additionally, ClickDo are strengthening their brand awareness through Facebook marketing and Instagram profile marketing. Maulik Panchal, a freelance SEO strategist, has been hired by ClickDo to build links and improve rankings for https://www.fortesmedical.co.uk/ on a daily basis beside Fernando and Logesh.  ClickDo’s aim is to establish the Fortes Medical brand as the top hair transplant surgery in London. So look out for what ClickDo can do and follow their updates!

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