Understanding Digital Marketing with 6 Cricket deliveries

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All you cricket lovers out there, I have something amazing in store for you – Understanding digital marketing in terms of a great sport. The sport which has 6 balls in an over, a batsman trying to hit you out of the park and you sir, strive relentlessly(lead generation strategy) in pursuit of that one prized wicket(of course, the customer) which can change the course of the game altogether.

There are six deliveries (channels) of digital marketing, which when applied to your business horizon end up yielding maximum wickets (lead generation)

Delivery one – Social media marketing

Also abbreviated as SMM this digital marketing strategy speaks volumes about the digital noise that is definitely surrounding us and would only keep on increasing with each passing day.  Every day we come across some of the amazing campaigns that have lit the digital diasporas with great panache and aplomb. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit are some social marketing channels that are leveraged these days primarily for direct interaction with the prospects. It also helps a great deal in developing the brand identity for your enterprise

You can say this stratagem is like a fast seam delivery which can swing the prospects towards the palpable sales funnels that you have created.

Delivery two – E-mail marketing

This particular skill set has been around for quite some time(as long as 10 years) and just when you thought having a social media campaign is enough, E-mail automation and managing the subscriber list becomes inevitable more than ever. What happens after a viewer decides to enter his e-mail into your prized collection of lead generation.

This stratagem speaks legends about spinning the intent of probable prospects into your favor with an effective E-mail marketing campaign.

Delivery three – Search engine optimization

Think of it as the toe crusher Yorker which can change the course of the campaign with neat on-page and off page SEO skills.  Everything online is indexed into Google and other contemporary archives and it’s just a matter of time you will start receiving solid leads with proper keywords and SEO optimizations.

This precisely can be of two types – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Just like the in-swinging and out-swinging Yorkers, but we will get into the fit of it some other day. So as I was saying, the archives are immediately put to scroll by the search engine crawlers/spiders/bots as soon as we type anything to search! This is why it is always advised to fully optimize the webpage so that it would pop up real fast when searched for certain keywords which were targeted by you.

Delivery four – Search engine marketing

This is the medium paced delivery which heightens your chances of generating leads by placing ads on the search engine result page (SERP).  It may sound simple but consider this – you place your ads with a high bidding rate and start feeling like million bucks. But, another guy comes for the same keywords with a lower bidding and a better ad quality score and poof your dreams are sent to oblivion just like that (like it has been slammed mercilessly for a six).

Delivery five – Web analytics

This one is a turner like no other, it’s like when your customer has an itch and your website needs to be able to scratch that itch. Knowing exactly how to do that is the key to getting visitors to take action on your site. You can use information gathered from web analytics to maximize revenues from pay-per-click advertising, improve click-through on email campaigns, or even increase your search engine ranking.

Google happens to be an oasis in the desert when it comes to providing best free web analytics service. There are several tools which make web analytics a double-edged sword with which we can tailor our ads and other packages as per the requirement. The biggest benefit comes from the fact that with strategic use of analytics we can save a fair percentage of our budget spent on online marketing.

Understanding digital marketing can be very easy and meticulous at the same time…!

This reminds me of the doosra style of spinning the cricket ball which has claimed so many titans (read prospects!)

Delivery six – Affiliate marketing

Also known as endorser marketing this short-pitched bouncer is the newest addition to the digital marketing arsenal. It takes an affiliation from the product owner in order for you to start endorsing the product. With each completed action you earn commissions which can go as high as 65 percent!

How promote affiliate marketing?

There are coupon codes for using which the user is entitled to some discount which is like shooting two birds with a single arrow. On one hand the user is getting cheap deals for the desired product and simultaneously, as a result, the affiliate marketer reaps the benefits too!

Bend it like the pros…

There are many notable personalities like John Chow, Gary Vaynerchuck, Lewis Howes and the list goes on… who with their sharp acumen and understanding of different niches (product range), have created a solid five or six figure (this can be an understatement) constant incoming sales funnels on a monthly basis.

So, what are the things that you learned while understanding digital marketing a la cricket style

  • Digital marketing is like an iceberg which has multiple offerings to boost your client acquisitions
  • There are total 6 ways through which you can channel your prospects
  • Lead generation has come a long way since mailers and cold calling, it’s more of an inbound marketing these days.
  • Social media marketing, e-mail marketing, SEO, SEM, web analytics and Affiliate marketing are notable ways to leverage digital marketing for better results.

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