How much time could you actually be saving by hiring a marketing agency

How much time could you actually be saving by hiring a marketing agency

Is it worth it to hire a marketing agency

Whether it be for PPC, SEO, PR, Web Design, Social Media, or Content Marketing – there’s an agency out there waiting to take these time-consuming tasks off your hands. Digital marketing agencies are experts and have often worked with hundreds of online businesses to help them improve their search rankings, grow their traffic, and increase their brand awareness.

(disclaimer) The timings below are on average, time saved will differentiate from industry to industry, person to person, but to effectively conduct a week’s worth of work, these are the sort of timings you’d be looking at based on our experience.

An SEO agency will take care of everything from auditing your site, carrying out keyword research, improving your SERP visibility, and traffic quality. On average, from hiring an agency to take care of your SEO you can save around 29 hours per week. This includes 3.5 hours per day on optimizing content, proofreading, and optimizing on-page elements alone.

A social media marketing agency can save you up to a whopping 37.5 hours per week, specializing in connecting, engaging, and interacting with customers whilst researching and scheduling upcoming social media posts. Social media is vital to increase your brand awareness and create excitement around your brand – and social media marketing agencies are experts at this.

PPC can be tricky to master, but PPC agencies are experts. They will ensure all of your accounts are optimized and bringing in the best results. PPC agencies can save you 31 hours per week by managing your weekly reporting, checking accounts, communicating with stakeholders, and account optimizations.

Content marketing agencies can help you create unique content whilst also ensuring that the content you’re writing is achieving great results. You can save up to 35 hours a week from writing blog posts, scheduling social posts, and creating engaging content.

PR agencies take the hard work off your hands. They help to build strong relationships, manage your campaigns, and get them in front of the right people – saving you a whopping 49 hours a week.

Finally, Web design agencies can save you around 34 hours of researching, planning, designing, and ensuring each aspect fits your brand’s guidelines. A web design agency will work with you to customize your site, incorporating features that are known to convert.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will give you all of that time back spent on tedious tasks and guarantee you even better results. These agencies are waiting to help you, to find a digital agency that best suits you, browse the Adzooma Marketplace today.

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