Automation for Social Media Accounts

Automation Tools for Social Media Accounts

The records say more than 40% of the world’s population are engaged with social media such us TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Day to day the new users are joining worldwide.

When compares to other market social media easily boost up your products and your brand easily gets trends even by a single hashtag. The main thing is you have more followers and influencers to bring more traffic to your channel.

On the same hand managing, more than two business profiles on different social media become a difficult process. Running an ad campaign and posting a new post will get collapsed in some cases. To sort out this kind of issues social media automation plays an effective role in marketing.

Automation for Social Media Accounts

Social media automation tools help to track the performance details for more than one social media platform and saves more time for business owners or marketers.

Why social media automation Tools?

Social media automation tools help in publishing

  • The posts or contents,
  • To track the traffic and performance of the post
  • To schedule the post for future publish
  • Get the notification for trending post
  • Tracking the engagement for the post
  • To get the sentiment analysis

Features of Social Media Automation Tools

  1. Easily configure multiple social media accounts for multiple users
  2. Flexible in scheduling the post for each client
  3. Automation helps to share the blogs automatically on social media sites after the publication.

 Top 10 Social Media Automation Tools

1.     Hootsuite


Hootsuite-Automation Tool


Hootsuite is one of the best social media free automation tools. It plays an efficient role in social media automation, helps you to preschedule the posts and updates on different social media platforms.

You can get the notifications for all the activities like advertising, new followers, comments on social media sites.

Hootsuite provides a single dashboard for all social media accounts. More than 25 social media applications can integrate under a single platform.

It is a free version and it adds more advantages to the new business owners. Hootsuite also supports Google Analytics.

2.     Sprout Social

sproutsocial Media automation tool

Sprout social has lots of amazing uses that provides all mandatory features. By using a sprout social automation tool, you can easily track all the social media activities.

Sprout social help to control and manage the organization easily by checking the performance of all the users and it helps to assign the tasks to the employees and team members.

Here there is a limit on social platforms. Supports only a few social media sites.

3.     Buffer

Buffer social media

Buffer is the ultimate tool among other social media tools that help to build more strategies and content.

Buffers support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms by prescheduling a post.

Customers and business owners love these automation tools due to their features and user friendly.

4.     IFTTT (If This, Then That)

IFTTT Automation Tool


One of the best and amazing automation tools that help to spice up all the social media posts.

IFTTT is the single ingredient of all social media recipes. With the help of this single platform, you can add lots of social media accounts and apps.

After installing the IFTTT you can perform multitasking by connecting all your social media accounts.

You can also set up reminders like alarm reminders. Email-remainder by using this app and easily back up all calls, Photos, etc.

5.    CrowdFire

Crowd fire Automation Tool

At first Crowd, fire is specially designed for Twitter and Instagram. After 2018 it comes with updates and helps to automate all social media platforms.

Crowd Fire meets all the requirements of businesspersons and content marketers.

This app has the feature to suggest the best content to share with your followers.