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Establishing Your Brand with Video Marketing

Ever since we started with the ClickDo Media about half a year ago, our results have skyrocketed. Our media team is small yet fully professional. This gives us the maneuver space to create beautiful and eye catching videos that will push your brand into the world. But since bragging is worthless, we´ll let somebody else ... Read More


Let´s be honest. Most bloggers suck. There is a small percentage of good ones. The ones that make you read their content. The ones that give you valuable information, make you laugh. The ones that make money. I´ll show you how to become one. Let´s analyze my title and opening statement. My title is very ... Read More

Killer Youtube On Page SEO Tricks To Increase Traffic

So you have a Youtube Channel. But you don´t have enough subscribers, enough views, enough actions. What to do? On Page SEO will help you get more involvement, get more traffic and get higher authority on this humongous search engine. Let´s cut straight to the point: 1) Have A KickAss Description You need to have ... Read More

Following Your Dream To Miami Beach + Bikini Girls About Business

Yo Yo Yo Everyone talks about how to pursue your dreams. But are they doing what they preach? By circumstances involving a lot of effort, attacking fears, following my heart and not giving too much of a fuck, I found myself in Miami Beach Florida. Let me tell you, that place is AMAZING. Fast cars, ... Read More

7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies For 2016

The 7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies are vital for your blogging success in 2016 and beyond.  If you´re a blogger or helping somebody run one and are not happy about the traffic on your site, you should seriously consider guest blogging. It will help you spread your brand, get new viewers, get some nice backlinks ... Read More