Killer Youtube On Page SEO Tricks To Increase Traffic


So you have a Youtube Channel. But you don´t have enough subscribers, enough views, enough actions. What to do? On Page SEO will help you get more involvement, get more traffic and get higher authority on this humongous search engine. Let´s cut straight to the point:

1) Have A KickAss Description

You need to have a long ass description. Check out some of the best YouTubers for ideas. But just to give you some ideas, go for 300 words at least. Make sure the first two things that are repeated are the title (which should be a Keyword, d0h!) and your website.

After that, start the description. You would want to use ur Keyword 2-3 times again there, and use some minor keywords as well.

Make sure you have all the links to all of our social media and websites in the end of the description as well. Furthermore, include any websites or video links that you talk about, if they are high authority even better. All these links will make sure your video gets some nice authority.

Call to action in the end. Classic sales technique, ALWAYS include a call to action. If you made a nice video, you warmed up people and they will take action. Otherwise you´re letting potential subscribers go down the drain.

2) Custom Thumbnails Rock

Very simple, Youtube only gives you a few sample thumbnails. Sometimes they are nice. Sometimes they suck. Solution? Create your own. It´s very easy. Just screenshot a frame in your video that you like.

Then, put some writing on that. You can use your video editing tool (I use Adobe Premiere Pro) but you can even do it with Painter, up to you. If you put some writing people are much more likely to click, either they get attracted by picture, by words, or both. Bonus tip, try to have a hot girl on the thumbnail. Not trying to be sexists or anything, but that will increase the clicks by a shitload!

Have you ever wondered why there are super hot chicks on pics of popular youtube music mixes? Well, Sex Sells.

3) Tags are important.

Try to squeeze in as many as you can, but aim for at least 7.

A super gangsta tip: make sure your brand name is always tagged (with the same tag) – #bosslifehacks for example. In the long run, that will mean that more of your videos will show up on the right side when people click on any of your videos. Make sure you do that!

4) Annotations

I´m still learning how to do these myself. But the options of having the links to your other videos appear is crazy and if you´re not using it, you´re doing something wrong. Again, if the people love your video, they will want to see more. Classic sales/psychology, make it easy for people to do what you want. Example:

You ask people in the video to go to xyz site or find a xyz video

You ask people to click the link that appears in the video

What do you think will have more response rate? Yup, you guessed it, annotations rock.

You can also just add extra texts, pictures and other random things wit annotations.

Extra tip:

If you close your browser before finishing uploading a video, don´t worry. When you can, just open it again, go to Youtube, click upload and drag the same file you did before. It will pick up where it left 🙂

Sweet. Alright people, hope you liked this. If you learned something new, say thanks. Or even better, share this with someone who can benefit as well.

Wish you happy and gangsta SEO uploading on YouTube,


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