Following Your Dream To Miami Beach + Bikini Girls About Business


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Everyone talks about how to pursue your dreams. But are they doing what they preach? By circumstances involving a lot of effort, attacking fears, following my heart and not giving too much of a fuck, I found myself in Miami Beach Florida. Let me tell you, that place is AMAZING. Fast cars, hot girls, sunny weather and sandy beach. It is the best place I´ve seen so far.

In the video bellow, I´ll share a few thoughts about my personal story and how I ended up traveling the world for a living. I´ll also share some thoughts from girls (BIKINI ALERT) on the beach. What do they think about starting a business, is it tough, or not?

Following Your Dream To Miami Beach + Bikini Girls on Business

My best video so far! Best place I ever visited – Miami, some new color correction skills (thanks Vini) and a lot of sun, sea, and ….. BIKINI!!! Also a few words on starting your own business and a bit of my personal dream chasing story. This video took me A LOT of time to make, so if you do like it, please mention that in the comments and/or share 😉 peace out

Posted by Bostjan Belingar on Thursday, 3 March 2016

So as you can see from the video, I´m having a shitload of fun with my life, right now. I´m living the laptop lifestyle. I don´t have a lot of money. But I have enough, and it´s getting better day by day. I also work a shitload, for example, I edited the above video for 10+ hours, till 6am during my time off. I work in 3 jobs right now. But there are rewards that come with it too. So if you are dedicated you can balance that shit out. Just saying.

So start making things happening right now. No more waiting. No more tomorrow. Oh, and ClickDo can help you out 🙂



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