Let´s be honest. Most bloggers suck. There is a small percentage of good ones. The ones that make you read their content. The ones that give you valuable information, make you laugh. The ones that make money. I´ll show you how to become one.

Let´s analyze my title and opening statement.

My title is very optimized for the right kind of audience. I´m only focused on bloggers. Which is basically everyone that would be interested in content like that. If you´re a blogger you will notice a title like that. We notice things that are important to us.

Furthermore, “Catchy Titles” and “Server Crashing Traffic” are something we all want to have. True, I am promising a lot, but if this is true, it is so good, that you will risk your time and energy to read through. To see whether this guy is full of BS or he´s got something to say. Therefore, the title did its job, it hooked your attention.

Now, see, my opening statement is very cocky. People would even say rude. Yet, it triggers (hopefully) an emotional response. Which is the reason why you want to continue reading. You either hate me, love me, think I´m funny or weird. All that is cool. At least I have your attention, you haven´t dismissed me in masses of other bloggers.

Now, a couple of things I do that will help you get noticed as well.

 1) Be different.

Use different words. Use capital letters. Use colors. Be crazy and obnoxious, MAKE THEM FUCKING NOTICE YOU!

(See what I did there? That´s also the reason I like to use swear words in my writing, we use them in daily communication for a reason, they are emotionally charged)

Or, be minimalistic. Be short. And straight to the point.

People will respect you for that.

Feel free to use images and videos to compliment your articles. But don´t do it unless you want to say something with them, An image just for the sake of image is useless. It needs to communicate, prove your point better than words could.

Don´t be afraid to experiment and test out new things, this is how you will notice what works best on your target audience. Even more, this is how you will learn what works best for you, what you like and enjoy doing, what´s your style of communication.

Seriously, I swear to God, whenever I see another “Top 10 things to do in 2016” I´m gonna go crazy. There´s no way I will read that just because it´s all over the place. Put some effort into your title, please.

A blogger is by definition someone who keeps a web log. A writer, if you will. So please, start acting like one.

2) Appeal to people´s Selfish Desires

I got this idea from a very, very, good marketing book I read – “Kickass Copywriting Secrets”. Get in touch, I can help you get it for free.

So what the author claims there is that people are selfish in their very core. They want shit. And preferably, they want it NOW! So if you can dig up what your target audience really wants, what their deepest desire is, then you have them hooked.

That´s why the “get rich quick” or “work from home and earn 8.300$ a month” convert. It´s complete bullshit, we all know that. But what if it´s true? I can just buy the book/product and learn that, I don´t have to work hard anymore. It´s a quick fix and it´s fueling the burning desire. The desire for money.

So when you write fro bloggers, appeal to their wishes. What do they want? More audience, more guest blogging, better conversions. Mention those and show them how to get them and they will jump on your products.

3) Show Them How it´s Done

After you get the attention and after you make an appeal to people´s selfish desire, the work starts. Give them something to work with. Give them an example and explain it. Give them a video course, give them links. Give them practical steps that they need to follow to eventually come to the same results as you.

HOWEVER. This comes last. You know what will happen if you just try to feed information and advice (even if it´s very good) to people in this day and age? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Because people don´t give a shit. People are fed with so much data every day, that you need to pack your shit well, if you want it to get across.

Usually people, especially in tech niches, are pretty good in this part. Providing information. A lot of people I know or people that I might consider following gives good advice. But it´s packed like shit. So please, learn how to pack it.


This blog post is an experiment in itself as well. I go very direct. Zero Bullshit. Let me know if you appreciate this style, so I can continue to produce content like this. If you think I´m crazy and disrespectful, let me know too, I´ll adapt and appreciate all the constructive critics.

How do you do that? Press the comment button. I´m not just saying that, I mean it. PRESS THE COMMENT BUTTON. You can be very short, just write, “I liked it.” Even better, add an explanation why. Or say “I didn´t like it.” Any sign of life will do 🙂

Peace out,



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