Kinobody Audience Segmentation Marketing Strategy

Learn the How to Segment your Audience like KINOBODY

So I was lucky enough to listen to a marketing guy talking to another guy (who I also work for) who´s planning to launch an online product that could be worth around 500.000$. Not bad for an unpaid internship, huh?

So anyway, once we had a break, I talked to the marketer guy and showed some actual interest in what he does (I really am super interested in that). So the talk came to the A future youtube star, with bigger potential than Big Brandon Carter himself.

So the marketer explained to me how the segmentation on Kinobody works and I´ll try to explain the same thing to all of you dear readers, enjoy. P.S: if you´re interested in marketing, this will blow your mind. 

1) So the big difference in why Kinobody is cooler than the majority of other online brands is because he only asks you for an email AFTER completing a super short survey. So how to do it? Ask a good question, add a nice pic and include the simplest call to action (click here – and NOT put in your email address). Something like this:




2) Then, what you do is you start to segment your audience. Man or woman, that´s a pretty straight forward segmentation. Keep in mind that the pics are photoshopped to resemble our perfect image of “Man” and “Women”, to insure maximum clickthrough rate. Like this:



3) Then Age. Again, a very straight forward segmentation that you absolutely need.


4) Then you get into the gist. Segmentation into 4 archetypes. Remember, all these groups will have different wants, needs, money availability, psychological blocks etc.



5) Then our last question, just to squeeze it out. Because if people are invested into the “survey” right now, they don´t want to quit, right? If you pay ¾ of a car, you want to get the fucking car, no?




6) BUM! Give your email address and download that shit RIGHT NOW



So Kinobody has not only successfully baby stepped you to give them your email address, he also made you invested in their little survey + he has successfully segmented you on gender, age, your position regarding the product plus how you want to go about it.

This is some crazy knowledge about you and they will use it wisely. For example, they might only have 1 product (lose fat bla bla) but they will use different methods of selling for different segmentation. If you´re a 40 year old male the product might cost 100$, if your in your teens in might cost you 30$. (I´m speculating here, but you get my point).

All in all, this is a brilliant way of marketing and selling and you should consider doing the same with your leads.

If you have any questions do hit me up, I´ll be happy to help.

As always, Peace out,


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