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Why your Bed and Breakfast needs SEO

Bed and breakfasts need SEO as they can have a hard time getting noticed. Usually if you are a small house tucked away in a street or country lane, you are not very visible. When people are looking for a home away from home, they prefer bed and breakfasts for small weekend getaways. Make sure ... Read More

SEO for personal trainers

Being a personal trainer is a rewarding and positive career. Most personal trainers are freelance, if they are not hired by a gym or fitness centre. Therefore personal trainers need SEO for a successful business. With today’s online obsession with health and fitness, now is an ideal time for personal trainers to attract more clients ... Read More

Web content writing guide

Content writing, or web copywriting, is a huge part of SEO and digital marketing. It has 2 functions; to provide useful information online and to draw attention to your online assets from search engines. Search engines like real and useful online content, with relevant links. This is how you will rank better and generate leads ... Read More

How to measure Return On Investment in digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies of your business must include many media avenues such as social media, website improvements, and SEO. These channels must be tracked and analysed to decipher your Return on investment (ROI). ROI is the sum of net profit/ cost of investment X 100. It shows if a business’s investment resource has been spent efficiently or ... Read More

How current digital trends will affect future of SEO

What gives technology its power is the romanticism of science fiction becoming reality. Current technology today was merely fantasy and ideas, seen in science fiction films. Unlike books and films which still remain very in the mind, technology however is the epitome of human imagination becoming tangible. Current digital trends show the same pattern of ... Read More

5 best types of content to boost visibility

Some types of digital content can lead to many shares and cause high numbers of readers to link to your content . It’s vital to promote this content on social media for maximum effect too. Digital content needs to be valuable, rich in information and authoritative, to not be labelled as spam and, to rank highly in ... Read More