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Being a personal trainer is a rewarding and positive career. Most personal trainers are freelance, if they are not hired by a gym or fitness centre. Therefore personal trainers need SEO for a successful business. With today’s online obsession with health and fitness, now is an ideal time for personal trainers to attract more clients and a strong online following that can lead to future lucrative deals relating to fitness.

Your personal training website

Your website needs to be well presented, clear, concise and eye catching.

It will need clear information on what you offer, where you are willing to travel or if you have a studio.

You must include your story of how you got started. Storytelling is important to connect emotionally with clients and gain trust.

Have a visible call to action button e.g. ‘book a consultation now’, or ‘call now’.

Have a contact page with all your contact details such as email, number, and social media account links

Have a transformations page with plenty of pictures. Before and after pictures of success stories show how you have transformed clients’ bodies.

If you have fitness and diet professional qualifications have a page dedicated to these. This will boost your credibility.

Register with google local listings so you’re optimised for those nearby, and if you have a studio, it is easily found on Google maps.

Your site will need many forms of content like text, video and images to appeal to all senses, and provide rich information.

For mobile devices, the page should have your contact details appear first for quicker conversion rates and accessibility for prospective clients.

Your fitness blog

You should keep a regular blog, where each post is fully optimised with;

  • Good links to authority sites
  • A H1 and H2 tag
  • Keywords
  • Optimised images
  • A URL with keywords
  • A good meta tag

Your meta tag needs to capture the pinnacle of the blog post with keywords in only a few characters. This is what people will see from the search engine results page.

Keywords are popular terms used In search engines by online users. These should be included in your content for maximum visibility.

Authority sites will be reliable, popular sites within the fitness and personal training niche such as JD sports, Runner’s World and highly reputable fitness bloggers like Joe Wicks .

Use your blog to talk about client sessions and their transformations, healthy recipes, fitness inspiration and anything related to your life, with plenty of images.

A blog means more digital content and more links to authority sites which all add attention to your website.

Social media platforms


Instagram is a must for personal trainers. Personal training is very visual. Prospective clients want to see that you can deliver results for yourself and others before they contact you.

This a great way to get exposure. Gain loads of followers with frequent, bright and inspirational images and hashtags such as #fitness. People love to follow accounts with regular and inspirational posts.

This platform also helps you to show off your physique, your clients during workouts and how their body has changed from working with you. Your account will act as inspiration for followers.


Have a Facebook business page, for you to link images, posts and videos on.

Also reply to any queries and have conversations with followers to build good online relationships. Seeming accessible online is key for gaining clients.

Snapchat and Vine

Share sneak peek exercises that you’ve created, snippets of your day, or show a snippet of a healthy meal you just prepared. Snapchat and Vine add a fun, and modern element to your brand. these short snippet platforms are becoming increasingly popular as they are quick and useful for time-short users.


Creating videos could be another great avenue for a personal trainer.

Although it is more time consuming, the end result of video content is worth the effort. You’ll have a high quality video, rich in information which online users and search engines like.

Video content is becoming increasingly popular. Consider making a few videos introducing yourself, showing a session with a client or some workout and recipe tips to start with on your YouTube channel.

When people are considering if you’re a right fit for them, a video could be the defining factor of convincing them that you should be contacted. Show your personality, expertise and friendliness in these videos, and remember to reply to some comments.

All of these accounts linking to website, and with all their high activity and shares will help boost your rankings and online visibility.  These accounts also help you to interact with followers and clients. It’s highly important to appear accessible and in touch with the world around you.

Getting personal training SEO and digital marketing right is one step towards more business and future opportunities. The creation and maintenance of online content is a full time commitment, and this is where you’ll need the help and guidance of an SEO agency. Contact our SEO consultants today to get started on content and to fine tune your website.

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