The growing impact of video content

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Following on from my current theme on SEO and digital marketing future predictions, I’m going to explore another phenomenon that will really grow in importance in our industry; online video content. It is predicted that by 2019, internet video traffic will surpass 80%.

  • Video content delivers fast and clear information. It is rich in information as it pleases many senses; a video can include audio, visual and text content all rolled into one.
  • Video content is easy to digest. It can convey what a thousand words aim to say in a few minutes. It condenses the information but doesn’t decrease on quality and this is what consumers will appreciate. Soon we will be more likely to be watching rather than reading.
  • A great video can go viral and reach millions of people.
  • Video editing is a highly sought after skill as it is intricate and can be time consuming but the financial gains from it are worth the time and effort.
  • Big companies are already beginning to capitalise on video content; TV advertising budgets are being cut and transferred to online video advertising budgets as the demand for visual content grows.

Popular video content channels


YouTube receives millions of views a month, a little less that Facebook. YouTube can be so lucrative than some successful vloggers use it as their main source of income, for example Zoella Sugg (11 million subscribers), Pewdiepie (44 million subscribers) and Ryan Higa (17 million subscribers). These are some well-known YouTube millionaires. Although it took these early YouTubers close to 10 years to gather their subscribers and success, many now are reaching millions within only a few years as YouTube has grown more prevalent.

Link your videos to a written blog and vice versa for better online exposure. And also share on your social media platforms. In the video below, Zoella answers questions from her followers posted on Snapchat.


Used creatively Snapchat can be a great marketing tool. Fast and current, it disappears after a few seconds so can be used to show a short video promoting a product or service or a sneak preview of something to come. 10 billion videos are viewed everyday (2016). Once people are following you on Snapchat, they will receive your videos so post daily for a better chance of people opening up your videos.


Twitter-owned Vine is a 6 six second clip sharing platform. It was founded in June 2012 and then bought in October 2012 by Twitter. The video is 6 seconds long and continues on a loop. You can brow through videos posted by others and find videos through themes or groups so you don’t have to get followers for your videos to be viewed. The video can be sped up to quickly show a product being prepared for example, doing make-up or cooking a recipe. It’s content rich, fast and convenient. Take a look at how vine is used online for fun, and let it inspire you for how it can be used for your business.



YouNow is a live video streaming service launched in 2011. Used by celebrities to chat to fans, used by musicians to perform live and can be used by businesses for product launches, announcement and live Q&As. A business today needs to be deemed accessible and willing to answer customer needs in this highly digitalised time and YouNow is a great platform for this.

Video content and storytelling

Video content facilitates storytelling. it’s more important than ever to get consumers to empathise with you and your business by connecting with them on an emotional level. If they believe in your story or relate to it, they are more likely to trust you, feel camaraderie and want to be a part of your journey.

Your videos will also add to your authenticity which will always be a bonus when trying to do business. People will want to hear about how you started, who your team are and what inspired you to embark on your business, and how you operate throughout the day.

Video will be able to help any business in any niche. Video will convey your message in an easy to digest, visually appealing way. Take a look below at an example of how YouTube video was used to tell the story of this dental practice in London.


Online video, social media and mobile technology

Video content is highly compatible with social media and mobile technology which is increasing in prevalence too. The immediate, quick experience of Snapchat and Vine is designed for use on a mobile. Video content can be shared easily on social media platforms. Most businesses with good optimisation awareness will have accounts for many social media and video content channels. As I have show in this article, video content platforms complement each other.

SEO campaigns need to start utilising video content more to stay ahead.   Businesses wanting to optimise well online should budget for social media and video content. A video is more convenient than reading an article. More convenience is what digital marketing is aiming for, to increase ROI and increase conversion rates from an enquiry to a sale.

Choose an SEO agency like ClickDo that can deliver video content consultancy and support with video marketing.

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