8 tips for photographers and studios to attract more clients

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As a photographer, your online content is a big tool for marketing. It helps you to attract and retain customers by providing valuable and consistent information. It also gets you noticed by search engines, and if done right, can help you attract hundreds more eyes to your site when they are ranked highly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keyword (by relevance)Avg. monthly searchesCompetitionSuggested bid
Wedding photographer9,900High£2.35
Fashion photographer2,900Medium£1.57
Freelance photographer590Medium£1.53
Family photographer480Medium£1.28
Commercial photographer590Medium£2.75
Baby photographer480Medium£1.23
Events photographer590Medium£2.34

These numbers show how many searches are made a month for photographers in the UK. Attracting just 10% of this traffic could lead to more business.

How can photographers attract more clients?

  1. Digital content

Now when people want a photographer they will go straight online. You will need digital content (website, blogs, video content, podcasts and social media etc.) and SEO techniques to really get noticed. Your content can be varied but still relevant to photography and your studio. Video content can be used to show events where you’ve worked, your own private photoshoots as well as a tour of your studio with all your equipment.

  1. Websites that generate leads

To generate leads means to attract peoples interest in your service/product. Show people what you offer and your high expertise. Provide information presented clearly for example, one topic per page, and keep it simple and precise. Cluttered webpages are a turn off, don’t generate leads and viewers click out faster. You want to capture peoples attention for a long time to your site.

Also have a page dedicated to testimonials from satisfied customers. This is one of the important things that people will look for, along with your photography work, contact details and prices.

  1. Blogs that engage people emotionally

Solve a problem or provide advice with your blog. Add in some story telling for an emotional connection. Explain how you started out in photography and what made you choose it. Write about the photography equipment and editing software you use. Make it relevant and interesting.

You need to reassure prospective clients that you are a credible professional who is real, will do the job well and is the worth the money they will be spending.

A blog helps you to be relatable as well as increase your online ‘noise’. When you make links to authority sites in your blog, they provide valuable information to readers but also tell search engines that your writing is not spam and should be noticed and boosted.

Google loves fresh, unique content so update regularly.

Keywords should be included in your blog title and your content for good ranking on SERPs. These are the words that are likely to be searched for like ‘wedding photographer’. Google will notice your blog when these terms are searched for.

  1. Have a call to action

At the end of your blogs and other content have a call to action by suggesting that you can help solve the inquirers problem, and that they should contact you for a great service.

  1. Deals and promotions

Groupon and Wowcher are great formats to get your deal noticed. As a photographer, a great way to build your portfolio and attract more clients is to have deals or competitions. Organize a 20% discount for parties and schools. This will get you noticed as everyone loves to know they are getting a bargain, as well as getting your name noticed.


  1. Use social media

Look at your audience for photography. If you are a portrait or wedding photographer then Facebook is a better fit, whereas a commercial photographer will benefit more from LinkedIn. Have a separate Facebook account for your business. It’s best to not mix personal and business events to remain professional. Fashion photographers would benefit from Facebook and especially Instagram.

People like to know that you are easily contactable and like to be able to leave feedback and get an answer quickly. This information is also helpful to other enquirers who may have similar queries. You must nurture the relationship you build with others on social media and this will help you to be trusted and retain clients.

Social media should ideally lead people to your website and then convert into a desired action.

  1. Paid ads

If you have the budget, then consider paid ads. These can rank you highly on SERPs so you are more visible, but can become costly.

Free digital marketing can be just as lucrative as paid ads so only consider these as a last resort.

  1. Your photography portfolio

Make sure to show off your photography. On your website and social media have galleries of your work, after all this is what people will judge the most. Your style may be just what they are looking for. Instagram is a great medium for sharing current events and photoshoots. This will also portray you as busy and in-demand, so worthy of the client’s business.

Photographers can find it hard to optimize fully online, as it takes time and effort. However, the rewards of SEO and digital marketing for your photography business and studio will be worth the effort. To relieve some of the pressure from yourself enquire with an SEO agency. All these points discussed and more will be implemented into your marketing strategy with maximum effect. Contact us today for a thorough analysis of your current digital assets by SEO professionals to help you attract more clients.

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