Benefits of an app for a startup to boost customer retention and growth


The average person spends over two hours of the day using their mobile phone. With over a billion smartphones used globally, and phones being used more than laptops a phone app is the perfect way to tap into potential customer creation.

What are the benefits of an app for your business?

benefits-of-an-app-for-businessThere was a long standing thought that creating an app isn’t just expensive but also time-consuming but with DIY mobile application builders apps can be built faster and cheaper than ever before. If you correctly plan your goals correctly and develop an app then it can really help create more sales, with higher customer retention and growth.

An app can increase visibility as well as communication to clients:

Due to the sheer amount of usage of mobile phones an app can increase the visibility to your customer base. Whenever a customer opens the phone and scroll through the screen they will see your app, logo and even receive notifications as updates from your app.

These notifications will pop up on the screen of the users’ phone and can allow them to re-engage with your company if they have not in a while. It is a great way to announce sales or new products and is excellent for offering items or services that are online based.

An app allows you to market to your customers directly:

An app can help you market to your customers in two ways. Firstly, an app allows you to see the demographics and locations of the app users as well as who uses it the most. This gives you valuable data about your target market, and also allows you to see in which ways your app is used the most. With this data,  you can not only pinpoint your current market but also markets that you need to open your app up to.

It also allows you to continuously update your product, as well as providing the app users with up to date data about your app. News feeds and product specifications alongside information about new launches can be very useful when educating and marketing to your customers.

An app allows you to provide your customers with benefits:

Many websites and stores offer deals for downloading the app and using it regularly . Things like loyalty cards and discounts which used to be provided on cards are now all available on apps.

An app can also be used to send push notifications when a client or potential customer is in the vicinity of your store location. If the customer is in an area that is closer and easily accessible to them they are more likely to visit especially if you give them especially if you give them an incentive such as deals or money off.

An app allows you to increase your engagement with customers:

Often clients and customers have a lot of questions about a product or service they are about to purchase. With these apps, you can have a chat room or help desks as well as a list of FAQs that are easily accessible so that your client can ask questions and stay interested in your products before purchase.

If you cannot answer a client questions or unreachable you will lose client engagement as they will feel as if they are not welcomed into your brand.

Apps can also help increase client engagement by making procedures such as ordering items or asking questions much simpler and easier than using a website. They can store previous data allowing for smoother interactions. The harder a customer has to work to purchase your product the more likely they are to get dissatisfied and go elsewhere.

An app allows you to increase the effects of your website:

What the advantages of mobile apps over websites?

advantages-of-mobile-apps-over-websitesA lot of businesses think that a website is enough to drive sales and gain new customers. While a website is great for creating new customers and providing them with information about your business, an app allows your company to retain customers and gain loyalty.

Once new customers have downloaded your app via the website, it is much easier for them to use the app to do multiple tasks such as ordering and also keeping up-to-date with your company and its offers.

It is estimated that every three purchases out of ten starts via an app. That is 30% of the company sales, further emphasising the importance of an app in regards to customer growth and retention. While websites are great to gain customers and sales, there is often a risk of customers buying a product from a website and forgetting about it.

An app is stored on a customers phone and is a constant reminder of your company and the products it sells. It allows you to better a customers experience as well as gain sales thus increasing customer loyalty and retention.

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