Best Online Business Ideas for beginners to start and do in the UK


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made starting an online business more attractive, as these line of business are mostly unaffected by the global lockdown.

In this guide, you will learn the best online business ideas for beginners to start and do in the UK.

If you’re wondering what internet business ideas will be easy to explore in this crisis period, we’ve got you covered with the 10 internet Business models to explore and that you can easily do as a home business and earn money from home.

Albeit, there are many opportunities and businesses online that anyone with the required skills can venture into. And in most cases, you don’t even need more than Internet-connected PC or mobile to get your business started.

The aim of this article is to guide you through online business models with minimal skill requirements.

Just with a basic web design and maintenance know-how, along with communication skills, almost anyone can get a business up and running online in only a matter of days. Do you think you’re ready to become the next online entrepreneur?

Then read these and take action fast!


Here are 10 online business ideas you can venture into right away!

Top 10 Online Based Business Ideas for beginners

The following online business ideas are barebones, so read through them to see which connects with you, and then research on it to get started, it’s that simple!

1. Freelance Writing

If you’ve got great writing skills, the easiest way to start your online business journey is perhaps as a freelance writer. As a freelancer, you can offer writing services to clients and charge them per writing job.

In fact, your scope of work is not limited as you can write for other websites or blogs or even write an interesting e-book which doesn’t need any printing or shipping fees. Or perhaps, you’re someone who possesses strong language skills, you could also potentially become an expert copy editor that people will pay to read and edit their articles and correct grammatical errors in the web copy.

2. Social Media Consulting

As a social media consultant, your jobs is the effective steering of the social media activities of organizations in the right direction as regards marketing tactics, implementing and scheduling campaigns, and posting content to their target audience.

Many large organizations hire a full-time social media coordinator or corresponding agency to run their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. While smaller businesses also need to manage their own social media channels, which many times such business owners are too busy, so they need a consultancy firm to develop their social media marketing approach.

3. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer is essentially someone who gets a commission for selling products for other companies, whether it’s through a channel like eBay or on their own site. And the best part is that you don’t have to develop the products yourself, you’re only required to sell other people’s products.

There are several affiliate networks available online such as Shareasale and ClickBank that offers a vast array of products for affiliates to promote. The programs afford you the opportunity to create a passive income for yourself and your family.

4. Online Tutoring


The fact that most students are now at home makes this business idea very lucrative, and all that’s required is to share your knowledge online by creating courses and selling them on some special platforms (like Udemy) or even on your website or via email list.

Creating a digital product or course is quite similar to the writing of an e-book, and you can also make money by teaching online, which is known as online tutoring.

5. SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means the process of getting a website to rank higher for specific “keywords” in search engines like Google. It helps a website to get more traffic, as more of the keywords rank higher on search engines, thus bringing relevant traffic and in turn, more revenue.

You can become an SEO consultant by offering SEO services for businesses that want to improve their website chances of showing up in search results. If you want to learn this important SEO skill, SeekaHost University is offering you the opportunity to learn it free within this period.

6. Virtual Assistant


Every large business needs help running administrative tasks, so they most often seek for a virtual assistant from professionals, instead of paying for a full-time in-house employee to do it. A virtual assistant performs a variety of tasks that a traditional secretary would normally do, including payment of bills and making travel arrangements, among others.

This virtual online job is fast growing in demand with both employees and employers looking to achieve a more flexible work-life model.

7. A Vlogger / YouTuber

Online videos are becoming popular today, and there are some effective video content distribution platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, or even YouTube, that you can leverage for free to create your video content.

Also, these platforms allow you the chance to push your content out to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide and even monetize your content.

8. Website/Domain Flipping

This online business model, if done effectively, can generate huge returns with the shortest possible time. It involves the buying and reselling of domain names and websites, or creation of domain names for reselling purposes.

As those who want to start their a website needs a domain name, most of these people go for an existing domain name. That means they bought the domain from someone, and that’s what domain flippers do. So you can build an online business model by purchasing domains or website and selling them. You can learn more about domain and website flipping here!

9. Graphic Design

You can offer less technical design services as a graphic designer, but you’ll still need to communicate with and attract clients online.

Also, if you’ve got a knack for creating unique images, there’s certainly no need to fuss over having your own inventory, as your creations can be easily printed onto a product, then you can sell to make money.

10. Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping business is a relatively new concept that involves supply chain management method in which a retailer does not keep goods in stock but rather transfers the customers’ orders and shipment to either another retailer or a wholesaler, who ships the goods directly to the customer.

It is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep products in stock, but instead, purchases the item from a third-party and has it shipped to the customer.

If you are looking for more new business ideas to start in the UK, read this article.

Tips From Top Digital Marketing Agency Business Owners

Top Tips from Digital Marketing Agency Owners

We have asked top digital agency owners to give a good piece of advice for other agency owners, and we put the best on here.

Whether you are looking to start an agency or your running a digital marketing agency and are looking to scale there will be something on here for you.

You will find digital marketing insights and advice from some of the best in the business.

We asked them to answer one of these questions.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time?

What advice would you give someone just starting an agency?

What challenging situation did you have that you overcome?

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to scale their agency?

Top Tips from Digital Marketing Agency Owners

Here is Some of the Best Advice and Insights We Got


Neil Patel

When I first started an SEO agency, I was a little kid – 16 years old and I had 5 major problems.

1. When your 16 – who wants to give money to a 16-year-old?
2. I didn’t have money
3. I didn’t have a college degree
4. I didn’t have any experience, it was really tough.
5. I was going to school and running my agency on the side

But I still made the SEO agency work, I got into 5 figures per month in high school.

I am not trying to brag but I am just trying to prove a point, that if I could do it when I was 16 anyone can do it.

That’s the first thing you need to know, if you want to start an agency and go and create something – don’t be afraid and just believe in yourself.

Neil Patel


Brian Dean

I think in the early days it is good to work a lot because you don’t know anything.

When I first started I worked a lot more, and I got more done.
there is something to the fact that if you have 10 hours a day then do something that will take 10 hours.

There is something to it where if you work 5 hours per day or you work 10 you are going to get more with 10 in most cases. That’s what I was doing most days when I was first getting started. I remember I had a cutoff, I would get up at 6 and start at 7 then I stopped at 7 in the evening.

The number of hours I put in was good because I got to figure out what worked, what didn’t – I tested tons of different stuff all over the place. If I was only doing it in small increments by only doing fewer hours per day I wouldn’t have learned that fast.

Over the years of doing it, I have been able to figure out what works best so I can focus on just doing that thing and ignoring everything else.

But in the early days, I didn’t know what to ignore and what to focus on but by constantly asking what works best and moving forward quickly in small increments that was a helpful exercise.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean

Ryan Stewart

I am a process nut, and I firmly believe it is the most important aspect of any business but especially agencies because of how much there is to do.

A lot of businesses use a framework, which is a high-level template. But it is not enough.

For example, for SEO you know you need to do a technical audit, keyword research, onpage optimisation, content creation and link acquisition.

But this is a framework, it is not a process.

You can’t just go to an employee and say “Hey we are doing SEO – go run a technical audit or do some keyword research”.

They are going to do what they know and often times it is going to be wrong.

If you want to be an effective agency your people need to be on point and your service has to be amazing.

You can manage that by having a detailed process because that is a roadmap on how to execute that framework.

So break all your tasks down into micro step by step tasks so you can give the job to anyone and they will be just as effective as you would be.

This is what I have found to be one of the biggest keys to scaling my agency.

Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart

Steve Napier

I’ve learned the best way to grow a business is to maximise client retention and you do that by keeping them happy through delivering results and ROI.

It’s much easier to keep a client than to convert a new one and the number of recommendations including second and third generation recommendations you can receive can be astonishing.

Steve Napier

Steve Napier


In the early stages, you need to get the systems right because it will save you so much time and headaches.

There is so much to do in an agency that finding ways to maximise your time efficiently is having well-built systems.

I was also reluctant to get the software I needed like accounting software and website checkers, and I was doing it manually to try and save money.

But what I was saving in money I was losing in time that could be best spent elsewhere.

So when I finally got the software I needed it helped me have a more streamlined system.

So any invoice issues could get solved easily and quickly and I was more effective at running my agency.

If you want to scale you need to get the tools that enable you to do the more important tasks.

The quicker you can get all the best tools the quicker you can get better results for your agency and your clients.

One last tip I wish I could go back and tell myself is to get customers on a direct debit payment plan because it would have saved a lot of headaches.

It’s tough to do as clients are reluctant at times to do the right thing, but it’s worth the pain of pushing the client to do it.

It allows you to have less wasted time and the ability to fully focus on getting results without the distraction of chasing payments.


Fernando ClickDo


Jacob Cass

Short and snippy pieces of advice I would give to my younger self.

  • Don’t undervalue your work.
  • Seek criticism, not praise.
  • Always keep learning & don’t be a static learner: do this by reading books, magazines, blogs and by practising.
  • Collect & share things.
  • Teach others.
  • Never give up.
  • Keep practising.
  • Failure is just lessons learned for next time.

Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass


Ted Kubaitis

I had access to over 250 million Facebook fans in my past e-commerce days. What I found is every time we did promotions on social media, our brand searches would spike in search.

So do something popular on your social pages and immediately your brand searches go up in Google.

If you can, create gross revenue reporting that you can share with your clients. By being able to show they got this many sales from this many people which adds up to xyz revenue.

Once you do that, you have a seat at the executive table – you are no longer an outsider to their business but a valued asset.

Everything we do is data-driven, we let the data show us where to go, so when our data agrees we tend to go in that direction.

We are always testing to see what is ranking factors correlate on the top ranking websites using my SEO testing software, and then we let the data tell us what to do.

Ted Kubaitis

Ted Kubaitis

Kyle Roof

We have found transparent reporting to be a key relationship builder with our clients.

The biggest thing I can say we do, which has been fantastic is we will benchmark when we start a new project.

We will often take the average of the 3 months before showing stats for users, clicks, impressions – that sort of thing.

Then we keep that up as a benchmark so when that month’s stats come in the business owner can see where they were and where they are now.

Sometimes you will have a month that is kind of flat and using normal reporting it would be like “Hey this was a flat month” and the client is up in arms over what happened and you end up explaining your way out of it.

But by showing their previous 3 months on each report it gives a clearer perspective and it makes those flat months more manageable.

Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof

Clint Butler

There are tons of project management tools, first off you need to find the one that your team is going to use.

I found the hard way that you can’t force a project management system on somebody.

We have tried nearly all the management systems, and really you need to test with your team to find out what is going to be best for you.

Your team needs to all be able to use it effectively so things can get done.

Clint Butler

Clint Butler

Josh Bachynski

We use the highest level of scientific experimentation to try and find out what the ranking factors are in Google. We do single variable tests on a constant basis to know exactly what ranking factors are important today.

Most SEO agencies use what I call GuesSEO because they read a blog or watched a video on Youtube that told them a piece of information that may or may not be correct.

Only through testing can you find out the truth, which is why through our scientific testing methods we are consistently able to get results for our clients.

The point of me saying this is you either need to run tests yourself to find out what is going on in the search engines or you need to join a group of people who are.

Being able to say to our clients that we know how to rank their website because we do scientific testing gives you a stronger position to negotiate from

Josh Bachynski

Josh Bachynski

Ruan M. Marinho

I ranked number 1 for New York SEO in less than 90 days.

A few months ago I was thinking what is the best city to target for SEO services, and one of them was Boston but the one that I wanted was New York SEO.
It’s kind of a funny story because when I was ranking this keyword my website domain authority wasn’t what it was today – it was low.

There was a lot of people telling me that I shouldn’t go for the keyword because my site is too small, there are people already ranking at the top and that has had this position forever the list goes on. In fact, some people even challenged me and said I couldn’t do it – so guess what I did – I went and did it.
What I did was very simple.

The first thing you have to do is put your mind to a big keyword, too many people go for little keywords inside of Google because they are scared of going for the larger keyword.

Once my mind shifted from fear of targeting a difficult keyword, I went in and started creating the content necessary for the page.

Then I did my research on the companies at the top of the search results and I started to notice that they weren’t all that special.

After I did all my SEO the website only made it to the third page but I instantly knew it was possible to make it to the first page.

So I started to think about some strategy to get it on the first page. So I made a video about buying links on Fiverr which now has over 30,000 views on Youtube. In the video

If more people click on your website and more people stay on your website, Google is going to think that you are popular and is going to rank you higher in the search engines.

So once I made that video thousands of people were typing in New York SEO into search, clicking on my website and having a look around to see what I was doing.

Literally in one day, Google ranked me at the top of the first page from the third page.

Neil Patel did a similar thing a while back, where he took out an advert on Instagram with a sexy girl holding up a sign saying ‘Who is Neil Patel?’ which got people to search his name and click on his website.

So think big, be creative and learn from other industry experts.

Ruan M. Marinho

Ruan M. Marinho

Daryl Rosser

I couldn’t run my agency how it is, without using virtual assistants. But I travel and move around a lot, so to do that I need good virtual assistants to manage my business properly.

Most of the SEO is outsourced to my VA’s, anything that doesn’t require any thinking – they are doing. Which means most of my time is spent on coming up with strategies and ideas to grow my agency. I have full-time VA’s and they have been with me for quite a while now.

When you are hiring people whether it is from Upwork or a full-time person, you want to do a few things to filter out a lot of people quickly.

You should put a test in your job description, something like “include the word purple in your reply”, then you know that they have read it.

Next, you need to get on a Skype interview because you want to test how well they can write and speak good English if they have some basic knowledge of SEO that’s a bonus.

I hire untrained people the reason for this is because I create training videos so they can do the tasks I give them.

It is a win-win, you can hire full-time people for as little as $350 per month and they get a valuable skill and decent money for their country. Plus when they are working for you longer you can raise their pay and give them bonuses.

They also need to be fast with their responses, as I want people who can do things quite quickly.

Then if they qualify I give them a free trial, which is a small task like a 500-word article and I give each of them the exact same article title.

I do it in batches of 3 or more and this lets me compare them which is an easy way to see exactly how good they are. Then i put them on a 2 week paid trial and go from there.

Daryl Rosser

Daryl Rosser

Tim Kitchen

You should focus on your message for your agency in other words, what are saying and how are you saying it.

This defines everything about your business which includes what you say on your social media, what you say on your website and what you say over email or on the phone.

Then you need to understand the driver behind the decision makers.

Why are they making the decision?
What are their criteria for choosing their supplier?
What are their needs and pain points that you are solving?

You need to make sure your message really identifies and really talks to these people.

Next is how do you reach these people.

Where are they spending their time online?
What are the blogs or magazines they are reading?
Which of the social channels are they spending the most time on?

A lot of people are surprised that actually, their target audience is spending a lot of time on Facebook.

Most people think of Facebook as a B2C marketplace. But think about it we are all people and every one of those decision makers has a Facebook account.

Which means you can get right in front of exactly who you want with the offer for specifically for them.

Tim Kitchen

Tim Kitchen

Dan Ray

If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, this is some of the tips I would give myself.

Tip 1 Choose a type of SEO, there are loads and loads of different things you can do within SEO. My philosophy is just do a single service and do it very well – I chose link building.

Tip 2 Choose a single person to follow and stick with whatever they teach, at least for a little bit because you don’t want a lot of advice that contradicts each other.

Tip 3 Fail and fail again, succeed and fail. You want to constantly be calibrating, learning from your successes and your failures. Get better and better because the more experience you have, the more confidence you will have with it. Figure out what is working for you and just keep doing that.

Tip 4 If you’re looking for clients, you will be surprised how many business owners you, your team or your friends and family probably know. Whether it is your dentist or chiropractor they probably need your help, so find their contact info and tell them you will do some work for them for free in exchange for a video testimonial, as a video testimonial is absolutely essential.

Tip 5 Go to meetup’s in your city, whether this is BNI or meetup events. I went to a meetup called the Yorkshire Mafia where a handful of billionaires get on stage and people can ask them questions. So you can imagine the types of people this attracts. Also, don’t just go to marketing meetups where you will bump into people in your field, you want to get out your bubble and go to a lawyer meetup for example as you will be the only SEO consultant there.

Tip 6 Put anyone that enters sends you a message into an email autoresponder which sends out an email each week with a case study. This will keep you top of mind so when they are ready, you will be on their short list.

Tip 7 Have a win-win money back guarantee type of deal. What I like to do is “if you’re not seeing a traffic improvement in the first month you can have your money back if you want”. If you are doing the work right, it is very unlikely that you will not get traffic improvements.

Dan Ray

Dan Ray

Chase Reiner

Whatever type of service you are selling in your agency – make sure you can streamline it. I mean because if you can’t scale it – then you can’t really sell it.

Because if you are just doing all this stuff manually or you don’t have processes in built in – to kind of show how to do these tasks in a streamlined way. Where you are taking somebody from point A to point B in 3 steps.

Then you are going to end up spending a bunch of your time just trying to figure all this stuff out for every new client.

Trying to personalise what you are doing to everybody, its a lot easier to say “OK we do SEO for plumbers or we do PR for Accountants, these are our case studies and this is how we do it”.

Simply just showing people in a transparent way what you are doing goes a long way.

Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner


Bradley Benner

What I have found as a marketing consultant running my agency, I found that most of the time I have been able to secure clients is when I am going out and doing outbound marketing – where I am contacting them.

I know you can get inbound leads but personally, for my own business, I don’t get a lot of inbound leads. Most of the inbound leads I do get are from referrals from existing clients.

But I don’t get a whole lot of cold leads coming from Google. I rank well for SEO Virginia and things like that, but I don’t typically get a lot of leads from that.

What I get my most leads from, was me doing the outreach. I hate cold calling and sales – I absolutely despise it.

So I built a video lead generation system so now instead of cold calling I shoot videos and send them with email prospecting.

Videos are a great way to get noticed or get a conversation started with potential prospects. Because think about this – if you are just starting to build your own agency – I can tell you now – it is a saturated market out there when dealing with local businesses.

Business owners get hammered – relentlessly by marketing and advertising companies. All the time they are getting some solicitation whether it is cold emails or cold calls and there are even people knocking on their door.

So you need to get through all that noise which is why having a video lead gen system is a great way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner

Ryan Scollen

The key thing I have learned since becoming a consultant is how much time admin sucks up.

I always imagined by day being 7-8 hours of doing the work that I enjoy doing.

But the hard reality is that 40% of my day is sucked up with work such as invoicing, chasing, sales and general day to day admin work.

The key thing to overcome this is processes.

If you can get into a routine and have a structured process to follow, the laborious admin side of being a consultant doesn’t feel so bad.

Ryan Scollon

Ryan Scollen


Top Tips From Digital Marketing Agencies

So that’s all folks – this has been the top tips by agency owners for agency owners.

If you are a digital agency owner and you would like to contribute to this post – feel free to send us a message.

We will pick the best and add them to this page.

If you are looking to learn how to start a digital marketing agency read the guide by Neil Franklin

Best SEO Course Online for Beginners and Experts 2019

Best SEO Course

Are you looking for the best SEO course for beginners online?

SEO-Course-for-BeginnersWell, you’ve come to the right place.

I remember when I first got into SEO…

…it was so overwhelming.

Not knowing where to start and how to do anything.

All I knew was I wanted to make money and SEO could get me there.

I simply had the drive to get stuff done and it was tough learning SEO all by myself.

In this post, I’ll be revealing why SEO Blueprint is the best SEO course online.

Covering things SEOs completely miss



Copywriting is writing to sell.

I can’t tell you the number of websites I’ve come across that are ranked on the top positions of Google…

…but their selling sucks.

By creating a persuasive copy, your conversions will go through the roof.

This is something that even the best SEOs’ don’t understand.

Sure, you’ll make some money depending on the keywords you rank for, but a good copy can 100X those results.

The quick way to choose a niche

stop watch

If you want a successful SEO campaign, you need to specialize in a niche…

…but which one?

So many people spend months just choosing a niche when they should be concentrating on more important things.

This is something that can really choke your progress.

Picking the right niche for you is important.

When picking a niche it needs to be something you have knowledge of and needs to be profitable.

You can be completely sucked into this process and end-up delaying your site completely or you could choose a bad niche.

A bad niche is something that you don’t have much knowledge in, don’t enjoy creating content around it and unprofitable.

Picking a bad niche is disastrous because you’ll be working on a dead business and you won’t even know it!

In the SEO Blueprint, we have come up with a little system that allows you to come up with a bunch of successful niches in a few minutes.

This system is something that the ClickDo SEO experts have created just for you.

Keyword research


Keyword research is critical to the success of your SEO campaign.

Keyword research allows you to pinpoint what users are searching for.

For example, someone could be typing “best golf balls for kids”, that’s a keyword.

But how do you know what people are typing into Google without guessing?

That’s where keyword research comes in.

In the SEO Blueprint, we show you the most effective keyword research methods and…

…untapped keyword research strategies that few people know about.


User experience

user experience

User experience is the key to ranking first on Google.

You could argue that user experience is the most important ranking factor.

If your user experience is lacking then you won’t rank on Google, it’s as simple as that.

The whole point of Google is to serve users and that’s what you need to do.

You need to cater to the user’s search intent.

We teach you exactly how to give the user exactly what they want and in the best way possible.

The SEO Blueprint shows you how to keep users on your website the best way possible.

It shows you how to increase website speed without knowing any programming.

This SEO course is the best out there for beginners, there’s nothing on there that you won’t be able to do.

Everything in the course is explained step-by-step in a video format and…

…if you didn’t understand the video and want a better understanding of what was said…

…there’s an article to explain what each video went through.

Your Grandma could do it!

Affiliate SEO, E-commerce SEO, Local SEO and YouTube SEO

This course goes over every type of SEO you will ever use.

Including affiliate SEO, E-commerce SEO, local SEO and YouTube SEO.

Affiliate SEO


Ever heard of affiliate marketing?

To put it simply: Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products and you get a percentage from that sale.

Affiliate marketing is one of my favourite ways to make money online because it’s a passive income stream.

In the SEO Blueprint, we show you exactly how to find and rank affiliate products on the first page of Google.

It really is a beautiful thing.

I wake up every day to see how much money I earned in my sleep.

The other day it was $60, it was pretty fun…

…I could sleep and earn money.

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce dropshipping store

Do you own an e-commerce store?

Do you work on Shopify?

Well, you’re in luck.

You see, many people spend a lot of money on Google ads and Facebook ads but ignore SEO.

This completely blows my mind.

SEO is a 100% FREE traffic source and it’s consistent in bringing in traffic.

Paid ads, on the other hand, can be expensive and will completely shut down your traffic when you stop the ad.

The SEO Blueprint shows you exactly how to rank your E-commerce stores.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Local SEO

Do you want to rank local businesses?

How about rank your own business on Google?

We show you exactly how to do that inside the SEO Blueprint.

It doesn’t matter if you want to rank electricians, plumbers, barbers, dentists or any other business.

We show you everything about ranking local businesses.

By learning this skill alone, you can create a successful business.

SEO is a valuable skill that not many people have.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is currently the second biggest search engine and I believe it will eventually be the biggest search engine.


Because video is becoming the main way we consume content.

Not through written words but content.

This doesn’t mean no one will read articles…

…there will always be plenty of people that read articles.


More people will be watching videos, more specifically YouTube videos.

Since that’s the main place where people watch videos.

So understanding how to drive traffic to your YouTube videos is extremely important.

By knowing YouTube SEO, you won’t have a problem getting views and subscribers.

Correctly structuring your site


Correctly structuring your site is one of the most underrated ways to rank on Google.

We show you how to actually purchase a domain and set up the hosting.

We reveal what’s necessary to buy and not to buy when purchasing a new domain.

The SEO Blueprint reveals how to optimize WordPress for the best user experience and search engine optimization.

We’ve created criteria when it comes to picking a WordPress theme. We show what should look for in a theme and what’s considered a bad theme for your site.

In the best SEO Course, we reveal the best plugins for your site that will help you rank on Google and engage your audience.

You see, having a lot of plugins can be bad for your site because it adds a lot of bloatware and slows your site down.

If you get the plugins we tell you to get…

…you won’t really need another plugin.

You’ll have everything you need to rank on Google.

By correctly structuring your website, you’ll have an easier time ranking and banking $$$.

Fatal mistakes you will make on your SEO journey


On your SEO journey, you’re going to be making mistakes…

…this is inevitable.

Some mistakes will be minor and some will be major!

The SEO Blueprint will reveal these fatal mistakes and you’ll be able to see them and best of all…

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If you make these fatal mistakes…

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As I’m writing this, I genuinely wish there was a course out there like the SEO Blueprint.

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11 common SEO myths


In the SEO Blueprint, we reveal the most common SEO myths.

Some of these myths are unknown to even the experts and it goes under everyone’s nose.

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The myths I covered in the SEO Blueprint, are myths I believed in. I thought they were real.

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Please avoid these mistakes if you want to succeed in search engine optimization.

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Overall, the SEO Blueprint shows you how to outsource effectively and efficiently.


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How to travel the world as a digital nomad


Are you bored of being tied to set working hours and work places? Are you looking for adventure while working? Then becoming a digital nomad could be the right choice for you! A digital nomad is a person traveling the world or working remotely while supporting his or her lifestyle by earning money online. This can happen in a variety of ways.

Ways of living the digital nomad lifestyle

Knowing what a digital nomad is doesn’t mean you know what the digital nomad lifestyle entails. There are many ways you can lead a digital nomad life, depending on what you choose to focus on. Just look at all the new jobs that have evolved with digitalisation – from software or web designers to social media moguls like Mark Zuckerberg. To give you a better idea of different digital nomad lifestyles check out our previous article or see how Fernando at ClickDo Ltd. lives it:

How to become a digital nomad

Fernando absolutely loves the laptop lifestyle and wants people to experience the same freedom, which is why he has worked very hard to create a comprehensive online training program for anyone interested in SEO and digital marketing at Here you can gain vital skills required to join the digital nomad tribe.

What skills are needed?

As you’ve seen in the examples above, in order to work remotely you will need skills you can use online like blogging – see how Fernando ( and I ( started out – web/graphic design, digital marketing, SEO or content writing  – the list goes on so, see more examples here: .

Depending on your interests and talents you should think carefully about what you want to focus on as not all of these ways of making money online are scalable – read our articles “How to make money online in 5 sustainable ways” and “How to make money in the UK (ways to earn working from home)” to give you a clearer picture.

If you are considering to become a digital entrepreneur, check out these blogs: and They will provide you with useful information about starting a digital business and the latest opportunities and trends.

What you can learn

Fernando is a serious digital nomad missionary and wants to teach people the skills relevant to lead a good life while traveling. If you look at his digital marketing course, you’ll get a better picture of what you’d need to learn:

    • How to start a blog with WordPress & Optimize it for the search engines
    • SEO friendly content writing skills (my course is launching soon!)
    • Blogging skills – how to earn money online as a blogger
    • How to become a PR expert and get quality links for business websites
    • Latest and local business SEO skills
    • Facebook marketing & Remarketing skills – how to integrate Facebook Pixels
    • How to get digital marketing jobs and work remotely

Also see how the ClickDo staff, who have all been trained in SEO, digital marketing and blogging, follow Fernando’s example and enjoy working remotely whenever they can: Watch out for our travel updates on FB and the ClickDo Blog.

What the digital nomad lifestyle offers you

Are you ready to become part of amazing communities, see stunning places and experience the ultimate adventure and freedom of a digital nomad? There are plentiful options to travel and network simultaneously once you’ve established your online business or income. Depending on what you’re looking for and your budget, here are some suggestions:

  • Traveling for a short period:

digital-nomad-girlThere are retreats like, boat cruises like and co-working and -living spaces for short stays available all around the world like WifiTribe. And if you just feel like working from a different spot for a day or two you can always find office spaces all over the world via wework and places to stay via Airbnb,, or welive.

Expert tip: if you don’t want to spend a fortune every time you travel, check comparison websites to look for the best deals available during the time you plan on traveling. When flying, check, enter the date of travel and put as destination anywhere. You’ll get a list of cheap flights to various cities during this time. If you have a set destination but are flexible with the date then look at the whole month overview to compare flight prices. Based on these results you can then continue your search on other platforms like lastminute to compare the best deals for accommodation and travel.
  • Traveling for a longer period:

There are longer digital nomad retreats like where you’ll travel with a group of digital nomads for four months to a year and everything related to the travels is organised for you.  A similar model, but for two to eight months, is offered by however, this is limited to a group of 36 people traveling together at a time.

Expert tip: packages where everything is planned and booked for you can be amazing if done right, but they can also limit you to a certain extend. Think carefully about what your goals are for traveling for a longer period. If you prefer to be more flexible, it is advisable to consider booking several trips in a row the same way as suggested above or even while you’re on the go. You’ll always find accommodations online via Booking or Airbnb. And if you’re specifically looking for work-friendly homes then check Airbnb work.


What the future holds

It’s an undeniable fact that online businesses are the future and more and more people around the world will use the internet as a gateway to everything they need. Therefore, the workforce in this field is growing rapidly and more and more concepts for online workers and entrepreneurs are emerging as well as work opportunities. So, it’s certainly an industry with great prospects.

But it doesn’t stop there! Fernando is currently working on a masterplan to create a place to meet and work for digital nomads on a nice little island: He is looking for people, who are willing to make a financial investment and to commit to this ingenious idea wholeheartedly.

Once we have worked out a finance plan and we have enough people who are seriously interested in building a digital nomad island community, this project will be a milestone for the digital nomad lifestyle. Check Fernando’s Facebook to learn more and get regular updates.

When you’re ready come and join us or get in touch with us via for any more questions. Be free, be limitless, be yourself – become a digital nomad just like me traveling while working and earning online!

Living the Laptop Lifestyle (How Manuela Willbold Works)


Now we all know what ClickDo stands for – being free and living the laptop lifestyle, meaning working from anywhere as long as you’ve got your laptop and internet connection with you.

This week Fernando showed that he is a boss who likes to promote living this lifestyle by giving his staff what they need to do so. Manuela Willbold, who has recently started blogging for ClickDo, loves to enjoy the sunshine in her garden and asked if she could have a sun protector for her laptop. Fernando didn’t hesitate and got her one – now here she is working away writing and researching while enjoying the fresh air outside.

In order to have the best internet connection outside Fernando suggested to get a TP-link device, a wifi extender, to increase the signal from your router wherever you are around your house. He got her this as well and now Manuela has access to her high-speed internet outside, enabling her to do all the work from the place she likes most (obviously only in the sun). If you want to experience the laptop lifestyle and work from the places you love most, join the ClickDo gang.

There are many opportunities to learn the essential skills you need to become successful: You can read all the ClickDo blogs about how to start a blog, how to do SEO and much more. Fernando has been very busy putting together his SEO Blueprint and courses to teach you all you need to know about the SEO game. And ClickDo are also offering an affiliates scheme as well as options to become a franchisee! Don’t think – act now!

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Why I Chose Social Media Marketing

Safa Ahmed

For me, an internshipsafa 2 is a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable knowledge and gain guidance from a team of experts in the field in which you want to be in. You also get the chance to provide your help and contribution to a company, and for me in this case it’s ClickDo.

To me social media marketing was a no brainer choice for me as I knew a lot of people, even companies that don’t quite understand what this role actually is or even means. The idea is to acquire markets via the wonders of social media and the internet. Quite a lot of backstage work goes into a social media marketing role and it’s really quite interesting!

Why Social Media Over Other Roles?

• Social media and digital marketing is the future
• Social media is not a job that will ever go out of fashion!
• It’s fun! You have a chance to be creative as well as learn
• Your helping a brand grow behind the scenes

I was always interested in social media and how it can be used to attract people on a local and global scale. I really enjoyed playing about and learning about it and found it fascinating how to actually do it for other people and brands. When I discovered that Google and other big well known websites work in similar ways, I realised this was the career for me.
I am really looking forward to leaning all about the ins and outs of digital media and social media marketing.

What is Social Media To Me?

The way I view it, a company delivering social media marketing doesn’t just work or investigate, they have the skill to alter user preferences. The ability to affect want, or to make them not want a product or service at all.

At the end of the day, a person’s view is easily shaped by the want of being the popular/ favourable on social media. As one of the well known facts surrounding social media and an online presence is that what the mass public posts, let’s face it, a person is better of agreeing or facing large public opposing opinions.

Social media means that marketing can be done in subdued, subtle ways and allows us to really understand a user’s thought process. If all of the above interested you as much as I’m interested me, then you will understand why I chose and enjoy social media marketing!

7 Reasons to hire ClickDo for Mobile responsive web design – The future users of the digital economy are on mobile


The digital economy is here – nearly everyone is connected in the developer countries, the data is still progressing and we are expecting many more users to become fully embedded in the digital economy. But many already are and if you don’t have a responsive website just yet, here are 7 reasons to consider mobile responsive web design done by ClickDo.

1. On demand information

curious-mindPeople use internet in different ways, but one of the main ones are on-demand-information and generally the access to all of the worlds knowledge.

This fact is why Google is a massive empire and making so much money – people want information, sometime casual, sometime for their professional needs. When it comes to services, we are often on the go and want to have access to information right away.

This is why your website has to be not only responsive but also with a good user experience to provide all what a person might need to make a decision on if they want your services or not.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce is booming all across the world and people are becoming used to buying things online. Grocery shopping is done online and we’re getting used to it. Many of the purchases are done one the mobile phones too and so your website has to be responsive.

ecommerce-seoA responsive website guarantees a good shopping experience on all of the devices – including tablets and mobile phones.

3. Social media

When was the last time you browsed twitter or Facebook on the PC? Maybe you do, but for most of us it’s now on the phones. This means that all that traffic coming from your Facebook page or scheduled Tweets are from the phones. Is your site responsive enough?

4. Good for SEO

We at ClickDo have seen this with our own eyes – sites that are responsive simple rank better. Users are on the phone – it’s obvious Google won’t rank a site that a user coming from the phone simply won’t be able to view.

5. Increased speed

Not to go too tehnical, but there are many technologies inbuilt in the modern day web browsers and if you have an old school site, developed years ago, it simply might take a while to load.

slow-internetThis is bad for many reasons: users experience, SEO and most importantly – conversion rates. No matter how good your service is – you can’t win a client who leaves your site because it simply won’t load for 10 seconds.

6. Future devices

ClickDo uses the most latest web technologies to provide our clients with websites that will last. While the trends are hard to predict – smartwatches, smart home devices and similar, they are all based on basic web technologies or frameworks. So by building on these latest technologies we can be sure that the sites will function well on any displays or devices.

futuristic-mobile-seoThis is especially true for websites using Android and similar, as Google is always pushing for standard practices – the more predictable the web technologies are, the more people will invest in building great content that in turn makes Googles business model work better.

7. Responsive web design is simply more practical

There are so many different devices, browsers and even browsing styles, so making a site responsive to the different ways people use the internet is incredibly important and a responsive site is just that – adjusting to all the possible visitors that might come to your site.

Why I Chose A SEO Career Early Instead Of University


I first discovered about SEO not very long ago. It all first started when I was learning about and selling Amazon products online which is one of my many hobbies. I was learning about how to rank high up on Amazon, and ended up learning some neat tricks to rank higher and learnt a lot on how Amazon’s algorithm works, which not many people know about as well. From there I also learnt about email lists, landing page funnels, marketing on social media platforms and pay per click advertising as well. Before I knew it, I was actually doing digital marketing myself. I really enjoyed learning about it and found it fascinating on how Algorithms work. I then made a later discovery that Google works in a similar way. It was then I realised that this is what I want to do as a career path. I know I will look forward to learning all about the ins and outs of SEO in the future with the rest of the digital marketers out there as well.

         Don’t Be Afraid Of The 80-20 Rule With SEO.

Sometimes the situation is not picture perfect. However, I think going out into the real world and jumping strait into the deep end can still be a great way to learn, and that’s exactly what I did with my SEO career. I had the option of going to University for 3 years, where I’m sure I could have learnt a lot about SEO. Or I could get my hands dirty strait away in an SEO Job where I may not know the exact details of everything, but would adapt and learn a lot on a real SEO Job. The second option is what I chose. I felt that going to a top digital marketing agency was the best path for me and it may be for you as well. The opportunities are out there, you just need to find them and be willing to do whatever it takes!   

                 Why SEO Has More Benefits Than Other Jobs

·         First of all, SEO is not something that you technically need to go to university for. So if you want you don’t have to wait another 3 years to get to where you want. There are many parts of SEO that can be self-taught. So as long as you’re willing to work hard and learn the SEO game properly, you can go a long way in this industry.   

·         It’s also a never ending process. SEO is defiantly not something you will get bored with anytime soon as there is so much to learn with SEO and the constant changes with algorithm will defiantly keep you on your toes as it’s always changing. There is always something new to learn. 

·         Your helping others. I think being in the SEO industry is great if you want to give back and provide value to the world by helping others achieve certain goals they may have. Which is defiantly not something all jobs can do. 

·          SEO is the future!  SEO is defiantly not something that will be dead anytime soon. According to Google the SEO industry is worth a staggering 65 billion! The numbers will defiantly not be going down anytime soon and the SEO skills you learn now will be worth much more in the future.   

University Is Great But…

At University you can learn a lot about SEO. On the other hand, it may not be for you as there are definitely certain skills you will learn just jumping into a real SEO job that University just can’t teach you.    

SEO for recruitment agency websites to build a thriving business in the UK


Recruitment has a diversified and complex image in the eyes of their clients – some hate them but some love them. One thing is clear – it’s a profitable business model and it’s adding a real need in our society. In this article we look how this thriving industry can benefit from online SEO.

Online searches is a channel to utilize

The recruitment business is two channels, the job seekers and the employers. Depending on the type of recruitment agency, there is a value add of some sorts in between, else the company is simply a classifieds ads place.

What online search provides in this model is simply the chance of having the full channel of job seekers taken care of. People search for different types of jobs and job titles, vacancies and similar. A recruitment agency ranking for a keyword with high enough volume can expect their whole candidate lists taken care of by SEO.

recruitment-marketingThis is one of the main reasons why SEO is so perfect for recruitment – agencies work with small numbers, you need just a few candidates at a time and you can easily get them by ranking on Google.

SEO is amazing for niche specific recruitment agencies

SEO is incredibly powerful when it comes to the small, niche specific recruitment and temporary agencies. Temporary industrial job type of agencies are usually small businesses, sometimes serving a specific area and all they need is a database of job seekers that’s fresh, to call these people up when a position becomes necessary.

While these agencies could spend their time posting classified ads, because of the niche aspects of themselves, they can easily rank for a niche and get a constant flow of an updated job seekers to call up when they have the position.

temp-staff-seoOn the other side, there are keywords to rank for that are direct revenue makers – the employers with their temporary positions. Ranking for both, the employers and employees, is nearly the same cost as ranking for just one.

So, if you run a niche specific recruitment agency – SEO could be the best tactic to take a big hassle out of your operations and in fact, with a great website you can make some of the filling and other operations digital, too.

High-end recruitment

When it comes to the more executives roles, SEO once again provides an amazing opportunity to rank and find the direct employers and clients. Executives do search for information online and networking in person can be quite time consuming, where as ranking online while give you a steady flow of inquiries.

super-ceo-seoBesides, when it comes to SEO, you’re usually looking at creating a blog to boost the authority of the site. What this means is that while doing so, you can provide enormous amounts of valuable information and create goodwill with your clients.

The other beauty is that these type of blogs usually attract international visitors as they search for information and if you’re into the super-executive level of recruitment, then you probably work internationally already.


SEO for recruitment agencies makes a lot of sense on the day to day operations and duties of running the companies. This is true for the different types of recruitment agencies – everyone can benefit from SEO in this industry.

Don’t be evil or how Google is full of crap


Google is famous for it’s controversial slogan “Don’t be evil” – coming from a rapidly expanding company that collects the private data of everyone. Did I mention it’s worth 500 billion USD? That’s $500,000,000,000. Lot’s of zeros, it’s hard to keep track, right?

Google aggressive ads policy is greatly affecting the search engine industry. Google is changing the design of the search result pages, adding things like maps that get shuffled everyday to increase the number of clicks on the PPC ads. Increasing PPC revenues is known to be on the agenda of the top Google executives.

We have seen the impact of this ourselves at ClickDo – even the top spots will get less clicks as they go towards the PPC sites. The ratio of PPC versus organic clicks has been around 20%-30% for PPC and the rest for organic. It’s now growing rapidly and taking away valuable clicks from the business owners that actually invest the money and effort to make their sites valuable and user friendly.

It’s a war against SEO agencies across the globe – they’re the ones providing the valuable service of online search clicks at a way cheaper price than the PPC. Now, we’re not complaining – the hustle will always prevail and SEO agencies and consultants like ClickDo will always find a way. This is the reason we recommend SEO agencies to focus on the restricted industries.

Anti-trust EU case

As some might of heard, Google or the recently re-branded corporate name “Alphabet” is under an anti-trust lawsuit in the European Union. The case is against Google’s rapid aggression in the shopping search engine results pages, where Google promotes it’s own services. This gives them a monopoly and is against the competition regulations.

This might stop Google from it’s aggressive expansion of the PPC design for a while, but we’re likely to see Google successfully increase it’s main revenue driver, the PPC income. This is at the expense of the SEO agencies and some business owners, however it’s not all that bad. There will always be demand for SEO services and this is good for the industry – the strong shall survive.


Business owners across the globe shall focus on on-page improvements as much as the off-page. This is the key – a good website will be better for the visitors and even if a business is to go for PPC it will be cheaper with a great responsive sites – this is according to Google web-masters guidelines.

SEO agencies shall widen their services, always be on top of their skill set and focus on the industries not yet affected by this.

For the business owners in the restricted industries these are good news and they should definitely hire an SEO consultant today and rank on the top to enjoy 100% of the traffic.

Now, to sum up Google and it’s behavior … the following video does it quite well.