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Tips From Top Digital Marketing Agency Business Owners

We have asked top digital agency owners to give a good piece of advice for other agency owners, and we put the best on here. Whether you are looking to start an agency or your running a digital marketing agency and are looking to scale there will be something on here for you. You will ... Read More

How to travel the world as a digital nomad

Are you bored of being tied to set working hours and work places? Are you looking for adventure while working? Then becoming a digital nomad could be the right choice for you! A digital nomad is a person traveling the world or working remotely while supporting his or her lifestyle by earning money online. This ... Read More

Why I Chose Social Media Marketing

For me, an internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable knowledge and gain guidance from a team of experts in the field in which you want to be in. You also get the chance to provide your help and contribution to a company, and for me in this case it’s ClickDo. To me social ... Read More

7 Reasons to hire ClickDo for Mobile responsive web design – The future users of the digital economy are on mobile

The digital economy is here – nearly everyone is connected in the developer countries, the data is still progressing and we are expecting many more users to become fully embedded in the digital economy. But many already are and if you don’t have a responsive website just yet, here are 7 reasons to consider mobile ... Read More

Don’t be evil or how Google is full of crap

Google is famous for it’s controversial slogan “Don’t be evil” – coming from a rapidly expanding company that collects the private data of everyone. Did I mention it’s worth 500 billion USD? That’s $500,000,000,000. Lot’s of zeros, it’s hard to keep track, right? Google aggressive ads policy is greatly affecting the search engine industry. Google ... Read More