7 Reasons to hire ClickDo for Mobile responsive web design – The future users of the digital economy are on mobile


The digital economy is here – nearly everyone is connected in the developer countries, the data is still progressing and we are expecting many more users to become fully embedded in the digital economy. But many already are and if you don’t have a responsive website just yet, here are 7 reasons to consider mobile responsive web design done by ClickDo.

1. On demand information

curious-mindPeople use internet in different ways, but one of the main ones are on-demand-information and generally the access to all of the worlds knowledge.

This fact is why Google is a massive empire and making so much money – people want information, sometime casual, sometime for their professional needs. When it comes to services, we are often on the go and want to have access to information right away.

This is why your website has to be not only responsive but also with a good user experience to provide all what a person might need to make a decision on if they want your services or not.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce is booming all across the world and people are becoming used to buying things online. Grocery shopping is done online and we’re getting used to it. Many of the purchases are done one the mobile phones too and so your website has to be responsive.

ecommerce-seoA responsive website guarantees a good shopping experience on all of the devices – including tablets and mobile phones.

3. Social media

When was the last time you browsed twitter or Facebook on the PC? Maybe you do, but for most of us it’s now on the phones. This means that all that traffic coming from your Facebook page or scheduled Tweets are from the phones. Is your site responsive enough?

4. Good for SEO

We at ClickDo have seen this with our own eyes – sites that are responsive simple rank better. Users are on the phone – it’s obvious Google won’t rank a site that a user coming from the phone simply won’t be able to view.

5. Increased speed

Not to go too tehnical, but there are many technologies inbuilt in the modern day web browsers and if you have an old school site, developed years ago, it simply might take a while to load.

slow-internetThis is bad for many reasons: users experience, SEO and most importantly – conversion rates. No matter how good your service is – you can’t win a client who leaves your site because it simply won’t load for 10 seconds.

6. Future devices

ClickDo uses the most latest web technologies to provide our clients with websites that will last. While the trends are hard to predict – smartwatches, smart home devices and similar, they are all based on basic web technologies or frameworks. So by building on these latest technologies we can be sure that the sites will function well on any displays or devices.

futuristic-mobile-seoThis is especially true for websites using Android and similar, as Google is always pushing for standard practices – the more predictable the web technologies are, the more people will invest in building great content that in turn makes Googles business model work better.

7. Responsive web design is simply more practical

There are so many different devices, browsers and even browsing styles, so making a site responsive to the different ways people use the internet is incredibly important and a responsive site is just that – adjusting to all the possible visitors that might come to your site.

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