What do you know about WordPress?

Did you know WordPress

Did you know…WordPress?!

We thought it’ll be a wonderful idea to focus and emphasis on WordPress this week due to the very nature that nearly all our audience are familiar with it. WordPress is an ‘CMS’ which is considered and acknowledged as computer applications that supports the construction of digital content using a very simple user interface, which best suits regular day to day individual whom are aware of backend coding. That’s why it’s so popular! Everything is set up for you within a click of a button, such as changing title tags, alt tags, adding image, text and changing themes etc. This is far more convenient for a regular user, since they don’t have to know every aspect of a website, such as HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Instead they can focus their time and energy on producing content that readers can enjoy.

  • Did you know WordPress runs more than 66 million different websites including some of the major websites, such as E-Bay, Time Inc, Marks & Spencer and even Forbes. Making it the most popular CMS system in the world and in 2016 it was believed that WordPress powers nearly 5% of the entire internet.
  • WordPress is completely free!
  • Did you know WordPress offers several different languages, such as Japanese, Spanish, French and even Polish!
  • Did you know that roughly 20,000 people are using WordPress to generate income every day?
  • Did you know that every day during every second at least 18 blog post were published?
  • Plugins allow regular users to do a lot of things without requiring the ability to code. Right now, they’re 45,000 free plugins out there?!
  • Did you know WordPress sites don’t require much time to manage aspects in terms of maintenance and from client’s perspective of managing the content on the site.
  • WordPress maintains roughly 50-60% share of the entire global content management system market which means it’s the most popular content management system of all time!Did you know... WordPress?



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