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Is Traditional Marketing something one should focus in 2020

What is Traditional Marketing?

Marketing has always been changing its methods as new and innovative technology comes out for people to use day by day, before there were simpler times when the only way a person who wanted to get a presence among the crowd used to publish their brands/products in a newspaper. But with the invention of the telephone, this soon changed, and people started to adapted telemarketing in order to get their business a boost it needed to earn some revenue.

Similarly, when the television was introduced people slowly started to move towards visual marketing instead of relying on telemarketing. It was still a thing that people adapted but the main focus was to get their brands/products on a television set as advertisements because people were more invested in watching shows, and advertisement rather than being bothered by some telemarketers bothering them with calls during lunch or dinner time.

Fast forward to today, it’s the year 2020 an era where technology is at its peak and is still evolving daily in order to make our lives easier. The real question a marketer always seem to have in the back of their head when presented with a chance to run a campaign for a brand/product is whether to apply the traditional marketing methods in it or not. Well to answer the question we thought about writing a little piece that focuses on whether traditional marketing would be effective enough to earn some great ROI in 2020.

So let’s stop this intro and start discussing the key points of whether to use traditional marketing or not.

Know your Business

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A good marketer will always know the answer to this point, but for those that don’t let’s elaborate a little. Be it traditional marketing or digital marketing, a campaign will only be effective when one completely understands the nature of their business through digital marketing targets a ton of potential consumers online by the nature of your business it costs a lot, and well the return of your investment isn’t a surefire thing. But let’s suppose you own a business that caters the boomers, now would you be targeting them through social media? No, you definitely wouldn’t want that. Because people with older age seems to read the paper more thoroughly and find ads annoying, and since the newspaper falls into the category of traditional marketing. You got yourself a potential customer through it.

know your Consumers

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Now, this is a point where digital marketing can be the only way to retain a consumer because traditional marketing good, and all have some quite peculiar cons, and no consumer interaction is one of those cons. So, if your business model requires you to know your consumers and collect data in order to provide them with better deals, then traditional marketing is definitely a no for you.

You want to make your ad memorable

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Though traditional marketing may have a lot of cons there is one positive thing about the advertisements you make through it, and that thing is your ad will always be memorable. Digital marketing may present your advertisement to a majority of people across the web, but the ad itself wouldn’t retain forever, and even if it did that will cost you a ton of money, because campaigns aren’t cheap. On the other hand with traditional marketing it would be a one-time investment, your ad will printed and delivered in newspapers, magazines, and even through flyers all across the areas you want the people to notice. Though it’ll be costly even after a decade your ad will still be present in any newspaper or article published at that time. Making it memorable after decades.

More engagement from consumers

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Once again digital marketing has got another one over the prior old traditional marketing if you are running an ad campaign that requires people to engage with your content. Then there isn’t any possible way to do that with a marketing technique with no consumer interaction. Making digital marketing your best choice to get in some heap of money by interacting with consumers.

A Budget campaign that brings consumers

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Now, this is a pesky thing that has no right answer, because be it traditional marketing or digital marketing, the budget will be quite a lot because both the campaigns need a proper set of skills for endorsing. But if there was to be a short answer that can be half true then we would suggest that your budget campaign would be more suited for digital marketing, because then a social media strategist will know where to cut down costs, and which ads to keep and to remove. In traditional marketing, this is pretty much impossible since you’re targeting a wider horizon of people, and well that costs money no matter how differently you might look at it.

To sum up the article in a few lines both traditional and digital marketing have their pros and cons but in this modern era of 2020, we guess there isn’t a lot that traditional marketing brings to the table, so for us it’s a no on using these methods. But we still prompt others to try, and share the result with us because as marketers experimenting with different things is a passion that we couldn’t even imagine to abandon.

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