3 best ways to increase your sales online

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Want to know the best ways to increase sales online? – Then listen to what I have to share with you in this blog post. Sales are one of the most important things to grow your business and without increasing sales, your business isn’t growing. 

There are many ways to increase sale, but utilizing online marketing strategies are the best way to grow your sales…

All of our customers, in fact, all of the people who want to buy something including us, only use 3 tools to decide. If you’re missing all of them, you should rethink your business strategy. And if you’re using just a few of them, maximize your profits by using all of them.

How to increase your online sales?

Before we buy or even consider to buy a product or service, we ask our friends if they can recommend us some company or agency or a person. This is a no brainer, if they have a good experience, we will too. And don’t forget that this goes both ways. If one person had a really bad experience, all of their friends won’t use your product and services because they definitely heard their friends complaining.

How to use Google to get traffic?

If our friends don’t have experience with a certain product or service, we go to Google and try to find the best companies that offer it. We barely go to page 2 on Google, so you better be on the first page and shine. Think about your SEO and try to get on the first page so people can find you easier.

The part of this is web design. You can be on the first page of Google but if your website is not functioning properly, you have broken links and error messages, people won’t buy anything because it’s not trustworthy. Also if your design is old fashioned looking like from the 90’s, it’s not such an appealing sales tool.

Videos can help you increase traffic

Youtube or any other social media is the place where we go every single day. If we see a video of an awesome hairdresser nearby, it gets into our mind and we might actually go there. Maybe not on the same day but later on.

If we see a photo of a hairdresser, do you think it does have the same impact as video? Seeing different creations of a haircut, hair care, nice studio in movement is much more powerful.

Before we buy something like electronics or something that needs to function well, we go to Youtube and see any customer reviews or just to see how this product works. If you have a product, you need those videos on your Youtube channel so people don’t go to someone else’s channel to see how your products work.


If you offer a service, you can have video testimonials of your happy clients and put it on youtube and all social media channels as well as your website.

The ideal situation for your business is definitely having your site optimized, being on the first page of Google. Treating your clients like kings and queens. Having a good looking and functional website and having videos all over the place. You can get to this stage step by step, not all at once but now it’s time to start. If you need help creating your video testimonials, definitely visit my website NicoleVen.com and get in touch with me.


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