Facebook Live Streaming For Business: Is It Really Worth It?

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Facebook Live streaming is very easy to use because it can be done from your phone, literally anywhere. It helps your business online massively.

Credit Suisse did a report and discovered that in China alone the entertainment market is valued at $5 billion.

If that wasn’t persuading enough for you, consider this. Some researchers are predicting that the live streaming business will be worth $70 billion globally by 2021.

Live streaming is following a comparable path to social networking where at first it started as a place for people to connect with each other but ultimately grew into a powerful platform for advertising, marketing, and publishing.

How To Use Facebook Live To Connect, Engage and Stimulate Your fans

A great way you can get more viewers on your lives’ are by announcing them on other social media platforms. You could post something like ‘Hey guys, in half an hour, were going to do the show. Today we will be talking about X, Y and Z. Please tune in”.

Facebook is a lot less anonymous. This means generally the people that are watching are sharing with their friends and they tend to be a lot more friendlier and more functional. There is also the chance for them to throw emotions as well as comments.

Another great thing about Facebook Live is that after the Live show is over, the video won’t just vanish, that video remains, and it continues to collect views as a video on demand.

It is difficult to get just 3 seconds of attention from a viewer now, so Facebook live Is a massive driver of time spent with your content. The viewer does not know what will happen next so they stay watching for longer.

Another thing the Facebook Live involvement allows you to do is have a direct connection with the audience. They’re commenting. They’re asking questions. They’re suggesting things to be created. They’re predicting what it is, and you can have some real fun with that.

There is a certain rawness to a Live, not everything is totally perfect. If there is a mistake, you can’t edit it out and that’s what keeps viewers watching.

What is great about your business doing something live is that there are going to be things that have a very powerful afterlife after it goes live. This is really reassuring to a business- that you can take an idea that was very successful pre-recorded, but you could add a live feature that from a viewer stance allowed them to communicate with you as it was happening.

A live will allow you to introduce people to a lot of the amazing sights and sounds and cool things that are happening around the world. You can do a live in Sri Lanka, India, Spain, and anyone can tune in.

You can pick things and places and people and stories that are fun, interactive, and relevant- that makes the viewers what to stay tunes and watching.

Can I Go Live from My Desktop? Yes, and You Can Add Live Contributors and More

The Facebook Live option will allow you to stream from your web browser directly to your Facebook Page, which makes the scheme perfect for types of recordings, such as daily vlogs etc.

This is awesome because previously, Live videos needed a tablet, smartphone or camera setups that used the Facebook Live API.

Facebook is also making it easier for business who have a larger amount of staff who use Facebook Live streaming. Previously, only admins of the page could go live, but now, admins and select other people as ‘Live Contributors’- a new function that will let them stream on to the page whenever, wherever, with acquiring access to other admin jobs. This is good for news companies especially, where journalists may contribute to Pages, but where admins may be those on the businesses’ social team- not reporters in the field.

Facebook will also be introducing now “lightweight insights”. As Facebook described them, will contain metrics like total minutes viewed, total number of views, and total engagement (reactions, comments, and shares).

Further to this, users can see combined insights over different periods of time, like a week, month, two months, etc. These will comprise the total number of video posts, engagement, total views, and minutes viewed, and total number of Profile followers.

Q4) What Are The Best Ways You I Can Use Facebook Live Video For My Business?

Just think: what would you recall more? Reading an exciting article or watching a video that lets you become part of the conversation? It’s no surprise that statistics show, video wins.

And not just any video. Your audience wants authenticity, and let’s face it — there’s nothing as authentic and honest as live video!

  • Give a behind the scenes look at your business: Share how you create a product, how the team works and relaxes, etc. People love watching everything that’s naturally off limits.
  • Broadcast live events: Are you at a conference, a concert, or some other place others would love to get a sight of? Share it live! But don’t forget to engage with the audience while you’re filming. Walk and talk them through every bit of it — and answer the questions that are sent your way.
  • Host interviews: Talk with your company’s staffs, customers, or important people in your niche. Brands are all about the people that are a part of it, so let these people speak and your audience will listen.

Q5) Why is Facebook Live Valuable To My Small Business?

  • You can use it to promote an upcoming event
  • Tease New Products
  • Engage with your Facebook group members
  • Customer Care

However, there are a few points to consider before using Facebook live:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Implement a call to action
  3. Consider your video quality



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