On-Page & Mobile Factors for Optimising a Small Website

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With a small or none existent budget, optimising a small website can seem hard. However, SEO can still help

Traffic is essentially customers and income, providing you can adapt and close them. High-quality traffic is what is needed to prevent your lead and sales pipelines from slowing down and organic source can be an excellent source for this.

There is no such thing as a website too small to contest in a niche, even if it presently drives 0 traffic.

Starting with on-page and mobile factors can optimise your small site.

On Page Optimisation Is Important for All Sites

It is particularly important for smaller websites.

Focussing on the following will drive more traffic and customers:

  • Making your URL’s more user friendly
  • Including target keywords In titles
  • Using more visual content
  • Using heading tags
  • Placing targeted keywords in the first paragraph
  • Link to associated pages and content
  • Optimising Image Alt Text
  • Adding user friendly social sharing buttons
  • Writing 800+ posts
  • Optimising for better site speed
  • Checking if a page is Mobile friendly and reactive

To conclude, ensure your website is optimised for search engines, but also user friendly. Doing this whilst keeping your users in mind will generate more traffic and better organic search rankings.



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