10 Appropriate Ways To Use #Hashtags In Social Media Marketing


Social media has literally transformed the way we live our lives; today, social media has become an important avenue where the common person can voice or vent their dissatisfaction with a product, companies and brands are using social media top shape perceptions, etc. One of the most effective tools in social media has been the use of hashtags, in order to multiply the effectiveness of posts or comments. As a digital marketer, you should embrace hashtags as a a tool to advance your marketing campaign.

Use a catchy phrase; hashtags themselves are not the pull factor; rather, it is the statement or phrase behind. Thus, always opt for a catchy, thought provoking phrase.

Make it short; there is beauty in being precise and concise when coining the hashtag phrase. A short hashtag always does wonders, it provokes the other social media users to reply, speak their mind, and even share it around.

Be witty; wit is also a crucial ingredient to a great and effective hashtag. Wit could me conjuring up clever phrases; it could mean twisting words or phrases to give them a new interesting meaning that’s related to the message of the moment.

Straight to the point; they say that brevity is the soul of wit. A hashtag should go straight to the point. Hit the point home with as few words as possible.

Consider using a background image;. Recently, when lions strayed from a national Park from a country in Africa, social media users started a twitter hashtag for the story. Before long, major brands like Barclays bank and Toyota took advantage of the hashtag, using the background photo of the lion to promote their services and brands. It worked great!

Tag influencers; on every platform on social media, there are influencers who have the most followers, whose comments elicit the most comments. Tag and share your hashtag with such influencers.

hashtag1Exhaust the hashtag; much as hashtags are greatly popular and effective, don’t rush to create new hashtags each new day. Space them, and give each hashtag the time it needs to make the most out of its posting.

Share all over; rather than creating different hashtags for different social media platforms, share the same hashtag over and over again on the various platforms.

hashtag3Know your audience; as a marketer, you must clearly know who you are targeting with your hashtags. Knowing this will help you know your choice of words when creating the hashtag.

Accept all feedback; as a digital marketer, know that not everything that social media users will say about the hashtag is positive. Thus, develop a hard skin that will enable you to handle and take in abusive or negative comments without losing your cool.

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