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5 essentials for your Social Media Business Strategy

Instagram is becoming a very competitive platform for businesses to reach out to their target audience and increase their brand awareness, so it is vital to create a strategy that will help you stand out and reach further than your competitors by using the platform effectively. It is still known to be one of the ... Read More

Choosing the Ideal Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Strategy

Social media has become integral to the digital marketing process and proven to be a cost-effective alternative to search engines. Though Google still leads the way in terms of marketing value, social media closely follows behind with over three billion internet users subscribed to at least one social media platform. The reputation of social media ... Read More

Grow your business online with videos in 2019

If you want to grow your business online, build a strong brand and get more customers, you need to make and post videos on your social media channels and website. Read this article and pay attention to it. I’ll uncover the most important video statistics, facts, myths and some tips for you. Cisco has projected that ... Read More

Impact of Social Media Signals in SEO

Social Signals plays a vital role in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google uses the social signals as one of the important ranking factors of the websites. Google+ is considered as the powerful social media tool in impacting the search engine ranks, But Google has recently announced that it is going to close the Google+ as ... Read More

How to Use Pinterest and Increase The Traffic Growth?

Social Media has been viral on any activity you perform around it, which can be a positive or negative. The stats update says that most used applications in mobile are social media. Though there are different social media platforms, each one stand for its uniqueness. One such social media platform is Pinterest, which may look ... Read More

Social Media Engagement and ROI For Your Business

The social media platforms get expanded, it directly impacts the number of internet users as well. It will be a false statement if someone says smartphone users are not a freak for social media. Every smartphone users’ app usage lists tops with social media, which truly can’t be avoided at some point in everyone’s life. ... Read More