The importance of understanding your audience (Top 6 Tips)


Whys is it important than ever to understand your audience?

importance-of-understanding-audienceIn this article, you will learn the importance of understanding your audience and how to target the right audience with insight about their behavior. When I started ClickDo I didn’t focus on understanding the audience and I kept writing. But it did not help me with sales and get more customers. So once I paid attention to get to know the importance of understanding our audience everything changed. ClickDo grew rapidly to become one of the best SEO agencies in London.

Now let’s look at the tips to finding your audience and why it’s important.

A while ago market visit was something done only by the bigger companies, as it was so expensive but smaller start-up companies could not afford to do in-depth market research. With market research being the most important thing to ensuring the success of the company, it is great news that there are various tools and data now available on the Internet in order to conduct this research.

These tools enable companies to look into their market and only sell products that are proven to be popular in their target audience saving them thousands of pounds in the long run.

By not doing market research you may be missing out on a critical segment of your market audience:

If your market audience has not been looked into carefully, you may be missing out on a large proportion of customers. By knowing your customers it allows you to fully utilise your marketing techniques as well as not wasting precious company resources and capital and marketing to the wrong segment of people.

Know what your customers want:

Your business is defined by your customers. In order to market to them successfully and convert it into sales, it is very important to know what your customers are looking for and what appeals to them as a wider audience. You need to connect to them.

Without people, you do not have a brand to promote or sell as there is no money and profits being made. Your target audience needs to be identified and they will usually consist of:

  • Anyone, whether they are customers or businesses who need your product.
  • The people upon who’s opinion and desires your brand is based.
  • Your promoters. This could be Instagram influencers or celebrity endorsers.
  • Anyone who pays you for your product, or convinces others to buy your product.

Keep communication regular within the organisation:

After identifying all of your customers and the market segments that you are targeting, you need to relay this to your team. Your most valuable source of brand promotionalbrand promotional is your employees.

By making them feel as if they know and understand your target market, employees will connect with them on a better level, helping your brand grow faster.

Create Emotions:

By getting to know your audience it allows you to understand their wants, hopes, and desires. These factors can be used to evoke huge amounts of emotion in your clients. To do this there are certain demographics that need to be fulfilled and understood:

  • Your customers’ demographics: These are things such as the age range, gender, race, occupation, earnings, education of your customer base. This allows you to create products to target these people specifically.
  • Their location: Where people live will have a huge impact on what they buy. For example, people living in the countryside are less likely to buy a suit, whereas a city dweller is more likely too. This can impact where you sell your products.
  • How do your customers’ shop: With the internet, there is a wider range of online options available than in brick and mortar shops. Looking at where your customers’ shop can greatly help in deciding where you sell to maximize profits.
  • Their thought processes: Every segment of the market will have a slightly different way of thinking and understanding something. This means that the thought processes when buying something will differ from the market segment to market segment. By interviewing potential customers, focus groups and other forms of market research like google analytics you can find out this information.

Accuracy is key:

It happens very often that we identify our target audience but completely misunderstand their needs. This information needs to be accurate or else your product or service will not live up to their wants or needs. Thus resulting in major issues with the way your target market perceives your brand.

Being specific is key:

Aiming to sell to every single person is a recipe for disaster. Brands like Adidas only target people who like sportswear and Chanel only targets people who like high-end luxury goods.

Get as specific as you possibly can when creating your target market. This is key to successfully selling your product. Let’s take as an example a shop that sells baby clothes their target market would be adults aged between 20 to 40 expecting children or who already have children.

Stand out in the market:

People talk about memorable brands, which is free marketing for your company and an increase in sales. Multiple new customers are gained via word of mouth recommendations and it also helps people to trust in your company.

By ensuring that everything you do is memorable to your target market you ensure that you tap into this valuable source and increase your sales drastically.

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