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How Video Advertising Will Rule the Future?

Considering the recent growth on YouTube, video tutorials, news updates, motivations, etc., are reaching us as videos instead of reading content. YouTube has seen 400 hours of videos uploaded every minute, it shows the impact of the video content and its engagement. We can’t give better stats of any platform other YouTube in video streaming. ... Read More

YouTube Marketing Tips

Optimise Your Videos For SEO: A big mistake many businesses make is that they fail to optimize their videos for keyword searches. Do keyword research for video topics just like you would for a web page. Many of your video topics will be focused on the informational searches people do on YouTube. Note that there is ... Read More

Killer Youtube On Page SEO Tricks To Increase Traffic

So you have a Youtube Channel. But you don´t have enough subscribers, enough views, enough actions. What to do? On Page SEO will help you get more involvement, get more traffic and get higher authority on this humongous search engine. Let´s cut straight to the point: 1) Have A KickAss Description You need to have ... Read More