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Lead Generation through Facebook Marketing

Everyone can spam their ads out to their audience daily but how do you turn your potential customers into leads? Here are a few ideas that could help you boost your lead generation:   Giveaways:   FREE Giveaways are a great way of increasing the customers motivation to give you their email address. This will ... Read More

Online Reputation Management for Small Businesses

As a small business owner in UK you are always jumping from one project to the next with a million and one things to worry about. You probably feel like there is no time to stop and breathe, let alone stop and “Google” yourself. But monitoring and controlling your online reputation and what people are saying about you ... Read More

How to Gain Targeted Followers on Instagram

Everyone loves the buzz of creating a brand new Instagram Account. You create content that your audience that you’re almost certain your target audience will love. You post with the most popular hashtags and optimised ad copy. Then to your surprise after 1 whole day you’ve only gained 4 likes from fake followers that don’t ... Read More

Facebook Messenger Bots

What are Facebook Messenger Bots ? A Facebook Messenger bot is a piece of software that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks and converse with your customers. The more customers chat with the bot, the more it will learn and the more targeted it’s responses will get. When Messenger bots first came on the scene ... Read More

YouTube Marketing Tips

Optimise Your Videos For SEO: A big mistake many businesses make is that they fail to optimize their videos for keyword searches. Do keyword research for video topics just like you would for a web page. Many of your video topics will be focused on the informational searches people do on YouTube. Note that there is ... Read More

Facebook Messenger is Evolving In 2018

2017 saw the rise of visual communication in the form of video calling on Facebook Messenger.This along with Snapchat like video filters gave users a more visually interactive experience on Facebook Messenger in 2018. In the light of 2018, Facebook have announced a new feature that will monetise the Facebook Messenger app, allowing businesses to send broadcast messages to ... Read More

Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing

What will you gain from this guide ?                                                   Facebook is one big universe, filled with a whopping 1.28 billion daily active users. With such a large user base brushing Facebook ... Read More