How to Gain Targeted Followers on Instagram

Everyone loves the buzz of creating a brand new Instagram Account. You create content that your audience that you’re almost certain your target audience will love. You post with the most popular hashtags and optimised ad copy. Then to your surprise after 1 whole day you’ve only gained 4 likes from fake followers that don’t even have an interest in your niche. Then you ask yourself why? One reason,  a lack of Targeted Followers.

It’s very simple, you need followers that have a genuine interest in your business, those that don’t will become what is none on Instagram as ‘Ghost Followers’. These are users who follow your account but don’t interact with your page.

The key to growing your Instagram Page is to influence as much interaction on your page as possible, which can only be achieved organically through gaining targeted followers.

How do you gain targeted followers in Three Simple Steps?

1: Target Users via their Location:

Just by typing a location you can find every single post that someone has made in that same place. So why not target this group of users. Having researched into the demographic you’d like to sell your services to, you should know the typical places that they might enjoy hanging out in. Chances are that the majority of these people posting in this location i.e Parks, Cinema’s, Museums etc will be interested in your business.


2:  Target Users via Related Accounts:

Whatever niche that your business falls into there’s always a major account out there with 10K Followers that is crushing it. Now instead being envious of these accounts, why not try and latch onto their followers. Mass following everyone on the dominant pages of your niche is a quickfire way to gain followers that have interest in your Business.




3: Target User via Hashtags:

Hashtags, are great way of highly users interests also. You can target all of the users that post with a particular hashtag that relates to your business. That you can interact with them; knowing that how an interest in at least one aspect of  your business.




Remember, its all well and good having thousands of followers on your account, but ask yourself this …. how many of the are interested in what you have to say?  The clue is within the amount of likes and comments you receive on each of your posts. Now even if you have a ton of targeted followers, it all boils down to the value of your content.

In conclusion if you are small business looking to grow your Instagram remember this Content is King, but Followers run the castle.




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