How many people play Minecraft: 100 Million Plus people play the game online every month in 2020


Number of Minecraft players online in 2020

When I was researching to launch the SeekaHost game servers in the UK I was stunned to see how many people play Minecraft every month. In 2020 the numbers have drastically gone up and it said that over 126 million are playing monthly since the Minecraft sales have topped 200 million. 


The above stats and impressive data got me motivated to start the best Minecraft server hosting services in the UK. Glad I did it and every day new people are buying the game servers to play Minecraft online from their homes. The best thing is to see that this game gives such an amazing creative genius to the kids. That’s one of the main reason to why I started the Minecraft game server hosting business in the United Kingdom. 

According to Wikipedia, you can know how many players does Minecraft have 2019.


Now let’s look at the number and more about the geographic. And it’s said that the Minecraft game is worth over $1.7 billion.

Every day millions of people play Minecraft online


With more than a decade has passed, but still, the number of people playing Minecraft is surging very rapidly. It has also been felt in the current year when there is covid-19 pandemic is increasing across the world. But covid-19 is still not the factor that makes every day 100 million people play Minecraft game online worldwide. Moving 3-4 years back you can see that Minecraft had shown a very good growth while comparing to 3-5 years since its inception.

Various reasons made Minecraft game to become popular among the masses so that more and more people can add up with the game as a player. Some of the reasons are the following:

Minecraft sells millions of copies

Minecraft is being available on various computer operating systems and was currently released for consoles. Because of the liberty, this is afforded players and the infinite number of ways the game can create; it is foreseeable that Minecraft is a commercial success. This is displayed by its sale reaching to cumulative 200 million copies worldwide, in the mid of the current year.

Mobiles have Minecraft game

Since its mobile version incepted in 2011, the full version of the mobile game has come to most of the mobile operating system. That also leads to an increase in more players in the Minecraft game.

Minecraft’s early persisted success

Since its beginning, Minecraft is popular among people. With having rudimentary graphics and controls, to its old version only available on PC, it is being played by millions of people worldwide.

Minecraft can be played free online with friends

People can play Minecraft free online with their friends and then set up their own Minecraft server.

SeekaHost provides the world’s best Minecraft server hosting

SeekaHost can provide the world’s best game server hosting services that have to be discussed concisely below:

High performing CPU –

CPU can enhance gaming performance. Here servers are equipped with up to 4GHz to 5GHz on CPU.

Tech Support-

Tech support not only supports you to host a game but also solves your tech issues.

Multiple Locations-

They play with low latency from many server locations, which Minecraft constantly extending.


Here most popular Minecraft Modpacks are provided.

Purchase of Minecraft increased its sale

Four to five years back, Microsoft did a smart purchase of Minecraft, giving momentum to the game’s sales growth, leading to an increase in the player over 100 million every month and I assume per day online. The game is very popular among the young and due to the stay at home, the number of people playing the game daily has increase day after day. 

Minecraft’s concept fascinates the masses 

As the masses especially the kids are more fascinating by the concept of the Minecraft game, which enhances creativity specifically among children. It also makes kids problem solving, also become a friend of kids. With all these factors Minecraft has been adding every day 100 million people to play it online.

Final words

As more than a decade has gone since the Minecraft game begin to start, but still, it is performing well by increasing its sales and because of its online activeness it is making 100 million people play it every day. The Business Insider states that over 112 million people are playing the game each month. 

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