4G wireless internet service providers in London are helping your business grow in UK with super fast connections


The modern business services providers is unimaginable without the internet and more importantly – quick 4G Wireless internet services connections in a city like London. Nearly all of the operations are becoming digital – taking orders, processing orders, accounting software and similar. Wireless internet service providers offer a great solution in many situations that your business might experience.

What is 4G wireless internet?

4G is just another way of accessing the internet, but instead of utilizing the broadband connection, it utilizes the telecoms networks to access the internet. 4G wireless routers allows for the connection to go into a router that can then be used by many other devices – anything that can connect to a WiFi.


There are many practical uses of this approach to getting online:

  • Offers mobility – if your whole office changes every month, such as for some builders, exhibitors and any other temporary internet needs
  • Accessibility – some places are not well covered by the broadband, such as in Canary Wharf
  • Backup – in case the broadband goes down, it’s good to know you got options

4g-routerWireless 4G internet is very common across London, especially as some areas are not well connected by broadband but have a great 4G connectivity.

Nearly all of the telecom firms in the UK provide SIM’s that you can input in a wireless 4G router, the prices are good and they really do come in handy.

4G as a backup can save your business

Imagine having a days revenues taken out of your business – how much would that be? Not just in the lost revenues but also in the stock that’s going bad, if you’re into foods for instance? These things happen, the internet can go down and you very likely already use e-mail for taking the orders if not running the whole business on online/cloud based solutions.

Internet is becoming the equivalent to electricity – could you imagine the electricity of a hospital going down?

When this does happen, it’s good to have a backup solution if the broadband goes down. 4G comes into play and especially for SME’s that serve many businesses across London. But it can be useful for many other industries – printing for example. People are used to sending in files, even by an FTP, to their print shops.

The other thing to consider is that broadband is generally very slow in the UK and this might annoy your employees – slow internet can add to the stress levels. In enormously competitive and stressful environments like finance or any of the city jobs, any added stress can reach the threshold.

This can be avoided by having a dedicated connection for some employees when the internet is down and those urgent e-mails needs a response or you need to go on that scheduled video conference but the broadband is just too damn slow!

Wireless 4G/5G is a serious alternative to broadband

The telecoms companies have become richer than the broadband companies and so they are reinvesting in new technologies and infrastructure. They’re advancing so quickly that 5G is here and 6G is in the makings, too.

The 5G speeds are very quick – up to 10 Gbit/s compared to 672 Mbit/s for 4G. The fact is also that with the globalization and mobilization seen in the workplace, these connections see massive demands and therefore the infrastructure is quickly being built to match the demand.

So if you’re in London and not using 4G wireless connection yet – you should consider it or at least follow whats available in your area.

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