8 things to know about ClickDo business consultancy team in the UK


There are many SEO agencies and some also rank for many of the super-competitive SEO consultancy keywords that we do. So before you call us and meet us, have a read of the following 8 things that you should know about ClickDo business consultancy team in UK.

1. We are really good

Everyone is saying this and will say this and behind your back they will … white-label our services and spend a small fortune getting the best lawyer to write up the best NDA so that their secrets don’t get exposed.


We are incredibly well skilled, our main goal is not just the sales of SEO services. We spend time, experiment and see what works and what doesn’t work in the always changing SEO world.

It’s a tough game, some agencies learn to sell and don’t keep up, then they look for others to do the work. We do both.

2. We rank better and quicker than others

Because we’re not a middle man, there’s no back and forth, we can get the task done right away. This improves our speed at ranking – you’re dealing with us directly. SEO is also becoming more a game of on-page than anything else – posting articles and creating authority. It’s tough to do that as an outsourced person.

If you compare us to other agencies and even the big players, you can see for yourself – on average, we rank better than they do and this keywords are really tough to rank for.

3. We treat your site like it’s our own

Simple as that. Because we want to rank you, so that you have the ROI from our services and recommend us to your friends, we treat your site just like we would our own. And effectively it is – your success is our success. If there’s no ROI there’s no investment (payment) in us.

If you’re not convinced on this, take a deep look at our site. See the number of blog posts we post? How did you arrive at our page? Have you heard about us before? This is massive – we’re after the long term and build the sites to last and generate leads for years to come.

4. No dodgy stuff from us

We have our reputation to protect – we have worked very hard at creating it. So we’d never do any of the dodgy stuff seen in the industry, like stuffing keywords to other sites or back to ourselves. This is done with a high frequency, believe it or not.

5. We have an amazing track record

We rank our clients and ourselves too. Don’t take our word for it, simply watch any of the following videos with our client testimonials:


6. We are online 24/7

Sure, there’s the opening hours but as small business owners ourselves, we pickup that client call on a Sunday. Just like you do or did when you were younger and had the hunger. No days off and if we’re not deeply asleep when you call – we’ll pick up and get the job done.

7. Work ethic

Work ethic is incredibly rare these days. The UK’s a very rich country that takes a good care of it’s citizens and the kids born here always have the food on the table. Very few develop a proper drive and the following work ethic.

This is massive when you’re dealing with a consultancy that’s actually a service with a lot of back-end work and grinding in place. It’s not just about being smart, there’s massive grind behind it. Creating back-links, updating contents – it’s not easy and requires technical work for hours.

8. We rank you in an authentic manner

Differentiation is the key. We spot how we can use all the smallest things for an edge. We use them and it helps enormously. Authentic ranking has massive strategic benefits, too.

It’s hard for your competitors to even figure out how your site ranks. No one can trash you when your site has organic social rankings. In this process, we’re also building a creative digital brand for you and the results can be amazing.


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The Founder & CEO of ClickDo Ltd. Writes about digital marketing and SEO for local businesses in International corporation. You can read more on OM HQ blog for more of my writings.
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