How AI is changing SEO and the future of digital interaction on the web


Microsoft, Facebook and other tech companies are developing strong AI bots for human to robot interaction with the aim of entertainment.

What’s interesting however is how they’re planning to monetize this new trend. As the video below outlines, our Skype applications, Facebook messengers and WhatsApp’s are soon to become single-user entertainers with the aim of promoting products to us.

It can be argued that the search engine will basically move over to instant messengers and WhatsApp.

See the video:

Skype is of course owned by Microsoft and so is Bing. Some of the bots released have the name Bing in them, such as “Bing News – Preview”. This indicate that Bing is to grow as a search engine and SEO executives should be putting in efforts at ranking for Bing.

Facebook is soon to also roll out their bots with 10,000 developers working on them. The route Facebook wants to take is automated customer services, promotions and practical things such as updates on expected packages – all within your Facebook messenger.

Takeaway points for digital marketers

  • Develop new services outside of SEO

With initiatives such as these, it’s official – SEO is dying. Develop new services, consult businesses on how to get their hands on on these new technologies.

  • Facebook is more important than ever

Facebook messenger is the new way to interact with your client base and subscribers. Have active pages and make sure that your visitors are acquired there.

  • E-mail is dying

Young people don’t even use e-mail anymore. In the emerging countries, even very well established business executives and entrepreneurs don’t use e-mail already. Figure out new ways of catching the contact details of your visitors – e-mail subscriptions are pointless.

  • Non-marketers: Your simple job will be gone – acquire skills

See the picture:

Pun intended.

If you’re reading this as a non-marketer, be warned – your generic low-skill customer service job is at risk. Take skill acquisition very seriously to secure your pay check a year from now.

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