Best Man And Van Ltd. Joins ClickDo SEO Consultancy In 2017

Last week the Best Man And Van Ltd. come on board and hired us for SEO consultancy for their brands. The main website of Best Man Van Ltd. is what we focus on budging for the best keywords in their niche. You can see the keywords below, which was demanded by the client and Stuart had plugged in on the ProrankTracker.


So you now saw what are the best keywords for the Man And Van in London niche. Those terms are very competitive and ranked on top 3 spots should help Best Man Van Ltd. gain massive authority and daily leads. We will not go into detail about the SEO plan and how we planned to optimise, however, we will share in 35 days how things move and what worked and gained.

This is a new niche for us at ClickDo and Stuart is leading the project. And Saket Wahi is is building the backlinks in an planned manner,

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