How to build a brand online with social authority and creative branding – the ClickDo story

ClickDo is an SEO agency, a blog, a lifestyle inspiration, a Facebook community. We are many things but our main focus and skill is SEO.

We are all those other things though because of our brand. And they all interconnect to help us achieve more and more in our main field – SEO. We rank for the most competitive SEO keywords in London and our Facebook groups have more than 3,000 users. Clients call us every day – we have to turn people down.

Social authority

They key to being demanded is being an authority in a field. The formula is very easy: say smart things and give good advice, avoid saying stupid things and giving bad advice. Fernando has been doing this for a while now, going live on Facebook, running workshops and generally answering peoples questions in one of our Facebook groups.

The impact is very simple – people reach out to the authority once they need help. They use the product promoted by the authority. In our case it has been the SEO Facebook groups as well as selling SeekaHost. In some cases a business owner find us on Facebook, sees the videos, the advice, the lifestyle. Next thing you know the person ends up on the ClickDo blog.


They see the passion, the drive to kill it in the digital economy, the fact that we make this our lifestyle, not just a job. So the moment they need SEO services, guess who they call? That’s the power of the brand.

Facebook is amazing for social signals

What a lot of novice SEO’rs don’t understand is the actual power of Facebook. People think it’s either for purely personal social reasons, the long term branding game or short term spam. The reality is Facebook can help you rank in the short term, too.

This is done very easily – post links to your site and get people to like them. It doesn’t have to be on a company page, it can simply be your personal profile. A few friends liking it – great social signals. What you can do if you want to acquire many Facebook friends without spamming and adding random people – join Facebook groups.

Just like you’re posting on online forums and Reddit, you can do the same on Facebook with all of the thousands of groups on the network. You will genuinely find online friends and with the similar interests – they will like your contents giving you the social signals. Another trick is to simply have your site displayed somewhere on the profile and just be very active on Facebook. This gives a boost to the link.

Fernando has been posting and video-streaming his daily life on his Facebook wall. These things are casual but they show a personality behind an online name. And they get shared.

Combine that with the social authority – everything we post on Facebook gets shares, gets picked up by Google and sees the reflection on the SERP’s.

Building a creative digital brand takes effort

Now of course this is not as easy as we make it here and is a tough process. The point is – it works very well and clients ring every day. All of these small things, each Facebook like and each video adds up. The blog posts – they all drive small bits of traffic and create the web authority.

This took time – from 2014 to 2016. It’s not easy and the work doesn’t stop. What comes in with team is more revenues and this process replacing the regular sales. No more cold-emails or cold-calls.

Author Profile

Fernando BiZ
The Founder & CEO of ClickDo Ltd. Writes about digital marketing and SEO for local businesses in International corporation. You can read more on OM HQ blog for more of my writings.
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