How to Integrate Clickfunnels landing page with WordPress


Setting up and integrating your beautifully done Clickfunnels landing page with WordPress, isn’t a big task. However, if you do not know how to do the Clickfunnels integration with WordPress, on this page you will learn it.

We’ve used to setup Clickfunnels on this page and you will learn how to add a ClickFunnels page to your WordPress website or blog. See this page done by integrating a Clickfunnels landing page on Fernando’a blog home page.

How to setup a ClickFunnels landing page on WordPress Website/Blog?

I’m going to integrate this page we created for “SEO Training Course” on

And then I will do the on page SEO so that, this page can be ranked on for “SEO Training Course” which has 480 monthly searches from inside the UK.

I’m doing this as I set it up live on the website. So you learn it to DIY.

Clickfunnels WordPress Integration: How to set up a landing page & do SEO


Now you know how to do it yourself. If you are still not 100% clear about doing it your self, get in touch with us and we will help you set up your Clickfunnels landing pages and even design them nicely for you.

You can see some of our latest landing pages at the ClickDo Academy. And if you are a coach or a local business owner in the UK who are using Clickfunnels or planning to use to Clickfunnles, you may also read our review about Clickfunnels. So you know if you should use the software for your business promotions.

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