The Importance of Copywriting in Digital Marketing

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Want to know the important part of your copywriting in digital marketing strategy that can make or break your business’ success?

Good copywriting in digital marketing

So, you have an awesome product or service that you can’t wait to start giving to the world. You have a proven solution to help people solve a problem and you’re ready to get to work. The website is ready, your social media posts are filling up timelines and newsfeeds promoting your product or service, the paid ads are made, you have a large audience to generate your leads, and you are shaking in anticipation to start selling or getting clients. Yet, nothing has happened. No sales, no clients, no contact, no nothing. You may ask yourself “What’s the problem? I have a good product, my business is being seen, and I have everything in order.”

To be honest, it doesn’t matter how amazing, life-changing, useful, or valuable your service or product is if you don’t know how to make it appeal to your potential customers or clients. You can have a product that could literally save someone’s life, but if you don’t know how to make your leads feel like they need it then you’ll be going nowhere fast. This is where good copywriting comes in.

Your business may have a social media account, a logo, good branding, Facebook ads, a stellar website, a sales page, etc. , but what you say is the most important thing. Copywriting turns your product or service from just another thing in the marketplace to something your client or customer needs. Let’s go deeper. Want to know what good copywriting does? Read on and find out.

Engages Emotions in your copywriting

Want to make your digital marketing stand out? Make people feel something. Emotions play a significant part when it comes to people investing in a service, product, or in their own time. Why is a movie or book good? Because they spike our emotions. They make us excited, curious, and wanting more. Why do we buy a product or a service? Because we feel like we need it. We’re told and feel as if it can solve a problem that we need to be solved. Good copywriting can make people feel curious about what a product can do, how it can help, and create the emotions that trigger actions that’ll turn into conversions.

Nothing is more boring than an ad that just says “buy now”. Good copywriting tells people why they should, what problems will be solved, and can create the environment in people’s mind that’ll make them act. Want to really stand out? Find ways for your copywriting to spike emotions that’ll make potential customers feel like they need more.

Boost Your Website SEO with perfect copywriting

It’s no secret that Google loves high-quality and original content. If you need anything or want to know something then you’ll probably be googling it. The top searches are usually super long, in-depth, valuable content that answers all of your questions on just one page and you’ll leave that page knowing everything that you wanted to know.

Copywriting has a number of SEO benefits for your website and if done the right way can make a huge impact on your Google ranking. Copywriting puts an emphasis not only on spiking emotions and getting conversions but also keywords. The majority of online content will be written with a target keyword or keywords in mind and needs to appear around 1% of the article to get the SEO benefits. Good copywriting includes a few uses of the target keyword, entices readers, and makes them feel like they need the product or service.

High-Quality Content

It has to be said: content is king. Good copywriting in your digital marketing creates comfort and loyalty in readers and potential customers because they’re getting useful, valuable information. They may love it so much that they’ll share it with others and thus increase and grow your brand. What you say in your copy has the potential to create loyalty that’ll grow exponentially. Good copywriting form relationships with people and it’ll help your ideas and what you do stick to their minds. If the content is good, then it’ll be shared and you’ll be reaping more conversions than before.

Google will consider social as a ranking factor. If you produce a lot of high-quality content and it’s being shared on social media then your website will rank higher. Why do people click on a headline and read the awesome, high-quality content that’ll inevitably be shared? Because they’ll read an awesome, high- quality, engaging headline. That is good copywriting.

Good copywriting is the backbone of digital marketing. You may have every other part of your marketing in check and functioning but the words and what is being said creates the biggest impact and holds it all together. Solid, engaging copy can take your product and service from looking boring and like similar products or services to something people feel like they need and want.


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