5 dental marketing ideas


Dentists and orthodontists face a lot of competition – there’s more than 1,000 dentists in the UK alone. Of course there’s also plenty of business and demand from the 64 million UK’s population. The questions is – how to retain, attract and serve new dentist clients?

Here’s 5 dental marketing ideas:

1. Call to action

dentist-call-to-actionSo you have a website for your dentist practice, maybe you even invested in SEO and your site has visitors. All of that is useless without the actual calls to the practice.

What dentist websites usually miss out on thought is actually calling these visitors to action. This is very simple to implement – have a popup window that offers a free consultation.

Or simply include some clever text to achieve the same result – call people to action, ask them to call you. On this note – be sure to hire staff that will actually pick up the phone and have a good manner. Inform them of your dental marketing campaign happening, so that they’re up to date too.

2. Social media

facebook-for-dentistsFacebook is massive, but it’s not just that, it now also has many new functions. For instance, people are encouraged to like and share business pages so that their friends see these pages when they look for the service.

To put it in other way, word of mouth marketing is not dying or disappearing, it’s simply becoming digital and moving on the platforms where we now communicate.

Facebook is making it easier to communicate our recommendation and there’s no need to ask – you simply look at the friends who have liked a business page. This is very strong for medium cities, so be sure that your dentistry is on these platforms.

3. Make it on the news with dentistry tips

Another great marketing tactic for dentists in small to medium sized cities is to get on the news. This is easier than it sounds if you can afford to hire a professional, are an avid networker or know the right person already.

dentist-get-on-the-newsThis can be anything – top tips on dental care in the local newspaper, radio show or if you can get in the TV and have the footage at your dentist practice – perfect.

4. Go offline for the older generations

Think about your cities demographics, if it’s on the older side, consider going with the old school methods of finding them. Yellow-pages type of catalogs.

Elderly socializing!

There are other things you can do however, consider doing a local event for the elderly or find out common places where these people socialize and post flyers.

5. Target insurances and other corporate’s

It’s not about working hard, but working smart, right? Consider networking and putting in time to nurture one relationship that will bring you ten’s of new dentist clients.

Get big corporate’s to advertise discounted or even company subsidized teeth checks, hygiene services or anything else to their employees. Not only will you see a lot of new clients coming your way, some of them will also become long term clients, recommend you to friends and bring their kids to you.

corporate-dental-checkupConsider working with low profits or even on break even terms with these corporates, especially as a new practice that needs the initial client base to start getting word of mouth referrals.

Depending on the country you’re in, insurances might be a great option to offer your dentistry services to. These clients will be very profitable, often times the people coming from them will up-sell themselves and use the full benefits of their insurance packages for the dental health.

One thing to remember with insurance clients is that you will still need to look for them, it’s just that they will be a higher ROI clients and will spend lavishly on their dental health.

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