First Step To Making A Living Online

The concept of making money online is catching like wildfire and is currently booming, it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

I first came across the idea of making money online, when I saw YouTube videos of individuals explaining how to live the laptop lifestyle. They were talking about this book called The 4 Hour Work Week, which I mentioned in my last article on WordPress Business Blog.

After hearing so many people talk about making money online, I started to believe that I too could do the same. I read many books on the subject, one of which was Laptop Millionaire by Mark Anastasi . That was a great book,as it gave me some ideas of the possibilities that were within my reach.

I kept reading book after book, as I knew I could find a way to earn money online and leave my job. However, it wasn’t easy…

What I did when I first started my online journey

I started a WordPress blog which I built myself by watching some YouTube tutorials. And I kept writing about the things I read, who I wanted to be and even the services I offered. You can read the journey at

How I made money online

I found out that Google paid for advertising through Google AdSense. I read up on it and heard that many Indian bloggers were making a ton of money by blogging with Google AdSense. So, I applied for an account and got the approval to have Google ads on my blog.

Bamm… I stared to make some money! But that wasn’t much, it wasn’t even £10 per day until I achieved a good amount of organic traffic from Google. You can read the story at to know how it all happened. .

I was so happy that I made some actual Mulla online and it was a direct result of starting a blog. 

So what are the first steps to start making money online?

Start a blog today and produce epic content so that google will send traffic to your blog, then, all you have to do is use the below methods:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate marketing – promoting affiliate products through your website. check Click Funnels as that’s a good one.
  3. Sponsor posts on your blog. This is a great way to make money online. I plan to make at least £2000 per month from as it ranks for the keyword “UK Business Blog”
  4. Offer services like, content writing and editing.
  5. Teach people how to develop a skill (one which you are great at) – I teach SEO and WordPress Blogging via Skype sometimes.
  6. Get clients online. That’s something you will learn at ClickDo Academy
  7. Write a book and sell the digital version online

Those are just 7 ways to make money online and I guarantee that you will evolve as you keep blogging. Blogging is important to build a brand and get traffic as it will eventually pave the way for you to be known by millions of people.